Diablo Immortal Demon Gates – How to Find and Complete

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates - How to Find and Complete

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates are one of several World or Zone Events that can be fought by adventurers in the Realm of Damnation in order to get their hands on some valuable gear and rewards.

While Demon Gates are one of the game’s final main activities, they can be an unexpectedly useful tool for developing your character during the game’s generally lengthy leveling stages. As such, here’s a rundown on how to find and complete demon gates in Diablo Immortal.

What are Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

Demon gates are portals built by “Skarn” to send his demonic army to the Realm of Damnation. You can reveal Skarn’s storyline as you progress through the game.

However, in order to participate in the Demon Gates event, you must meet a number of requirements. Get to level 56 or above on your character, and remember that unlocking zone events necessitates switching to Hell difficulty, which requires level 60 and completing the game’s campaign.

How to Find Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

After completing Frozen Tundra, Demon Gates Events will spawn at random locations around the Realm of Damnation. However, players will not be able to start Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal manually since the event starts at random and is not tied to a certain day or time. Instead, the Demon Gates are actually dependent on a timer that players may eventually figure out.

After it is activated, players will receive a notification and have a limited time to enter the portal once the Demon Gate spawns. Additionally, adventurers will be able to use auto-navigation to get to the Demon Gate as quickly as possible.

How to Complete Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

You can take part in the Demon Gates zone event provided your character has reached the required character level of 56 and you’ve completed the campaign. The event can be done individually or with three people.

You will face a wave of enemies as soon as you interact with the Demon Gates. The Demon Gates event’s goal is to clear the zone from all enemies within the allotted time limit of 20 minutes. Skarn’s minions will be unable to enter the portal unless it is closed.

After defeating the mobs, activate the next Demon Gate within 20 minutes. The Second gate resets the timer and spawns new demons. Repeat the process till the final gate. Then you’ll eventually complete the Demon Gates zone event.

Upon completing the event, you’ll be able to repeat it twice more when the gates randomly spawn. It’s important to remember that each gate counts as a separate participation in the event. Having completed all three gates, you will be unable to participate again in the event.

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates Rewards

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates Rewards

Completing the Demons Gate zone events nets you a slew of benefits, such as  Enchanted Dust, Legendary Sets and Legendary Gear, Hilts, and Bonus Awards for Completing Three Demon Gates. Sadly, it appears that the rest of the rewards you receive for finishing the events are entirely random.

Even though completing Demon Gates looks to be an excellent way to increase your chances of collecting valuable gear, it appears that there are no specific drops that are only available during these events.

In addition to the rewards, you’ll earn an Achievement called Demon Gate, which is particular to the Demon Gates. In order to gain the Achievement, players must summon and defeat a demon at least three times.

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