How to Get Mangrove Sticks in Dinkum

A guide on how to get Mangrove Sticks in Dinkum.

Dinkum Mangrove Stick cover

Dinkum Mangrove Sticks are one of the basic resources that can be gathered in the game. These sticks are easy to come by and are quite prolific in certain areas of the map.

Don’t forget to cut down the roots

How to get Mangrove Sticks in Dinkum

Mangrove Sticks can be obtained by chopping down mangrove trees using at least a basic axe; there is no need to process them as once a mangrove is felled, it will drop sticks.

Mangroves are usually found lining up the banks of inland rivers and lakes and they grow on mud. A mangrove tree can produce around 7-9 Mangrove Sticks, provided both the main trunk and the root system are cut down.

Uses of Mangrove Sticks in Dinkum

Mangrove Sticks can be used in some food recipes as well as other items.

Meat on a Stick
  • Meat on a Stick
    • x3 Meat
    • x1 Mangrove Stick
Dagwood Dog
  • Dagwood Dog
    • x1 Corn
    • x1 Meat
    • x1 Mangrove Stick
Wooden Torch
  • Wooden Torch
    • x1 Mangrove Stick
Wooden Sign
  • Wooden Sign
    • x1 Hard Wood Plank
    • x1 Gum Wood Plank
    • x1 Mangrove Stick
    • x2 Nails
Simple Animal Trap
  • Simple Animal Trap
    • x1 Tin Bar
    • x8 Mangrove Stick
    • x1 Old Spring

Mangrove Sticks can also be sold to John for 90 Dinks a piece.

How to replant Mangrove Trees in Dinkum

Mangrove Trees do not drop any seeds unlike most of the other trees in Dinkum as they just respawn naturally after a few days. However, one way of getting a mangrove sprout at an area of your choice is to dig up a block of mud and place it somewhere else. Over time, a mangrove tree will sprout on that block, although the the chances and the time it takes to get one seems to be randomized.

Be aware that once you place a block of mud on top of any other type of ground material, everything underneath the mud will also be converted into mud.

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