How to Get Opal in Dinkum

A guide about Opals in Dinkum.

Dinkum Opal cover

Opal is a rare gemstone that can be obtained in Dinkum. Players who find these gemstones are considered to be lucky as Opals can be sold for a hefty amount of Dinks, making them quite valuable.

In this guide, we will be talking about Opals and how to get them.

How to get Opals in Dinkum

There are a few ways of obtaining Opals and all of them have something to do with mining, so make sure to work on your Mining Licenses in order to maximize your chances of getting these gemstones.

Shiny Stones usually provide three ores when processed in a Stone Grinder. However, in rare occasions, they can also drop Opals. Due to the rare nature of Shiny Stones, the chances of obtaining Opals from them is quite low.

Thunder Eggs can sometimes spawn in a map following a huge thunderstrike. These eggs can then be broken using a pickaxe or they can be thrown into the water to reveal the Opals inside. A Thunder Egg spawn is highly based on RNG and is a rare event on its own, but once you obtain one, it’s a guaranteed four Opals for your inventory.

Be advised that selling the Thunder Egg might fetch a higher price depending on its weight when compared to selling the Opals it contains, so make sure to have the egg weighed at John’s Goods first before cracking it.

Quarries can pull up Opals from time to time

Quarries are a good passive source of ores and components, and it can also fetch Opals from time to time. Quarries can be commissioned from Franklyn and is quite easy to set up. A huge field of Quarries can definitely increase the chances of getting Opals without doing much work in the long run.

An opal can be placed on a Wooden Sign, but it does not consume or hold the Opal

Opal Uses

Opals are mainly considered as valuable or sellable items to get a huge amount of Dinks. Selling one Opal over at John’s Goods will give 15,000 Dinks a piece (the selling price can be affected by the Commerce License).

In the current build of the game, Opals are not used in other recipes or blueprints; the only other thing that you can do with them is to display them on Wooden Signs, which don’t really use up the Opal. We’re hoping that in future updates, we’ll get to see more things that can be done with this gemstone.

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