Forspoken: All 15 Necklace Locations

Jewelry at it's finest in Forspoken


Necklaces serve a purpose in Forspoken. They grant players sure buffs and stat boosts that they will need to overcome the odds. Read on, and this guide will list down all the necklaces found in the game so far and where to get them.

What are Necklaces in Forspoken?

Necklaces are the same as cloaks which grants players buffs and stats boosts that will improve Frey’s abilities in combat. They can be upgraded using resources and can be found in locations across Athia. The map of the game will mark activities that offer necklaces as rewards and will be easier for players to find.

All Necklace Locations

Each Necklace has different stat boosts and effects that are worth using and most of them can be found by completing challenges and progressing through the main story.

Below is a list of all 15 Necklaces in Forspoken, including where to find and unlock them:


  • Where to Get: Complete The Shoal Pond in Avoalet: The Water Garden.
  • Effect: Enemies Are Downed For Longer

Balle Balle

  • Where to Get: Complete The Place of Prayer in Junoon: The Sacred Peaks.
  • Effect: Casting Frequency Boosts Critical Hit Rate, Improved Surge Magic Recharge Rate When HP is High & Recovering Defenselessness Triggers Auto Heal Effect

Home Sweet Hell

  • Where to Get: Use The Sewing Kit crafting item Then interact with Crafting Table in a Refuge. Costs 3 Fluteblossoms, 3 Bumbershoot, and 3 Lucid Garlands
  • Effect: Attack Magic Triggered during Parkour Restores Stamina, Killer Blows Deal More Damage, and Recover from Defenselessness More Quickly


  • Where to Get: Complete The Village: Vivus in Praenost: Middle Praenost.
  • Effect: Standard Jewelry

Naee Aasha

  • Where to Get: In Chapter 10, after the story makes you go to the archives in Cipal, talk to Johedy inside the archives. She will be marked on the map as an event (“?” icon).
  • Effect: Standard Jewelry

Nemeni Prisaha

  • Where to Get: Reward for completing Detour “Sila’s Pact”, unlocks in Chapter 7 in the capital city “Cipal”. You start it in the north of town, by talking to Johedy in the archives (enter via the door below the stairs where people pray). It will be marked by a yellow (“!”) icon on the map.
  • Effect: Standard Jewelry


  • Where to Get: Complete The Ruins of Austur in Visoria: The Windy Hills.
  • Effect: Cuff Counters Expend Less Stamina & Precision Counters Expend Less Stamina


  • Where to Get: Complete The Locked Labyrinth: East in Junoon: The Barren Plains.
  • Effect: Auto Heal Effect Triggered When Enemy is Defeated

Phool Sa

  • Where to Get: Complete The Village: Thane in Junoon: The Blessed Plains.
  • Effect: Standard Jewelry


  • Where to Get: Complete The Ruin: Ruins of Pagus in Praenost: The Citadel.
  • Effect: Support Magic Deals Extra Damage


  • Where to Get: Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Mountain in Praenost: Pioneers’ Plain.
  • Effect: Damage Boosted When Surge Magic Not Fully Charged


  • Where to Get: Complete The Locked Labyrinth: South in Visoria: Homestead Hills.
  • Effect: Attack Magic Dmaed, Support Magic, and Surge Magic are Boosted When Stamina is Full

Tesouro de Athia

  • Where to Get: Complete The Village: Fruegel in Visoria: Academy Hills.
  • Effect: Precision Counters Electrocute Enemies, Enemies Can Be Knocked to the Ground By Precision Counters, and Enemies Can Be Knocked To The Ground More Easily


  • Where to Get: Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Depths in Avoalet: The Untrodden Forest.
  • Effect: Killer Blows Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate & Enemies Can Be Knocked To The Ground Easily When Surge Magic is Fully Charge

Yavuz Gagnant

  • Where to Get: Complete The Village: Colline in Avoalet: The Fountainfields.
  • Effect: Precision Counters Freeze Enemies in Place & Casting Frequency Boosts Surge Magic Recharge Rate.

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