Ghostwire Tokyo – All Ethereal Weaving, Upgrades, and How to Use

The power of the elements in the palm of your hands

Ethereal Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo is the ability to bend the forces of nature into an attack that can damage Visitors. There are people in the world who are highly resonant to crystalized ether. They are referred to as having ‘the affinity’.

And while Akito does not appear to have the affinity, KK does. And through him, Akito is able to wield the powers of those who are able to fight against the Visitors.

What is Ethereal Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo?

You can use special combat gestures called Ethereal Weaving to fight the Visitors swarming Shibuya. However, it costs SP to use these techniques. Should you run out, you won’t be able to use them until you find some ether. You can also swap between different kinds of elemental weaving to best suit your needs in combat.

How to use Ethereal Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo

To use ethereal weaving, press (R2) to initiate the attack. Holding (R2) will change the attack, and it will often change the nature of it when fully charged.

Charge attacks hit harder and expose enemy cores more easily. You can always press (R3) to cancel the charge if need be.

List of All Ethereal Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo - Wind Weaving

Wind Weaving

Allows you to blast weak but rapid gusts of air at enemies. Holding down (R2) will charge it and releasing it will shoot a burst of homing wind gusts.

Wind gusts may not be powerful, they are rapid-firing. The move is also nearly instantaneous, which comes in handy when you need to maintain mobility. Among all the weaving techniques, wind weaving is the most effective at long range.

One final thing, a charged wind burst consumes one SP.

Wind Weaving Upgrades

There are two branches on the Fire Weaving upgrades tree:

  • Wind Weaving – Speed Boost
    • Increases the fire rate.
  • Wind Weaving Charge Attack – More Shots
    • Increases the number of wind gusts per charge.

Both these branches can be upgraded further.

Ghostwire Tokyo - Fire Weaving

Fire Weaving

Fire weaving summons powerful, long-range lances of flame. Charging the attack will transform the lances into balls that explode and can damage Visitors at once. The lance does an impressive amount of damage on a singular target. The same can also be said about the charged attack.

A limited pool SP reserve and a low fire rate are the limiting factors to this attack. Still, if you line up enemies in just the right spot and not miss, it can prove to be devastating.

Fire Weaving Upgrades

There are two branches on the Fire Weaving upgrades tree:

  • Fire Weaving – Piercing
    • allows the fire lance to pierce through enemies. An upgraded version allows the move to go through umbrellas and shields.
  • Fire Charge Attack – Radius Boost
    • Increases the blast radius.
Ghostwire Tokyo - Water Weaving

Water Weaving

Water weaving is an attack with aquatic blades that strike a wide area, making them deadly at close range. Charging the attack will launch a wave that cuts through Visitors.

This is the most reliable technique to use under pressure. The sweeping blade stuns incoming enemies, leaving you with enough wiggle room to reassess the situation. The nature of the attack, however, makes it extremely unreliable at medium and long ranges.

Water Weaving Upgrades

There are two branches on the Water Weaving upgrades tree:

  • Water Weaving – More Shots
    • Increases the number of enemies that receive full damage within the attack radius.
  • Water Charge Attack – Width Boost
    • Increases the width of the charged Water Weaving attacks.

Both these branches can be upgraded further.

And that’s all there is to all things Ethereal Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo. I hope this guide has at least informed you of a few things about them.

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