Ghostwire Tokyo – How to Fast Travel

If anyone asks, it was possible through ghosts

Ghostwire Tokyo is another open-world game, which means there is a way to fast travel, but the question is, how? The game is all about finding the truth behind a hostile ghost takeover of the living world. Truth be told, there’s no way to cover ground effectively in your investigation – unless you know how to fast travel.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fast Travel - cleaned shrine

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Ghostwire Tokyo

In order for you to unlock fast travel in Ghostwire Tokyo, you will need to clear the Shiroyama Shrine area first. It is only after you’ve cleared the shrine, can you start using the fast travel ability. This involves clearing the entire park of enemies and cleansing three torii gates.

Enemies are going to be protecting these three points. But they are split up in such a way that you may not draw in the attention of other groups of enemies if you are careful enough.

For a more stealthy approach to the gates, you can use small gates along walls to get to your spots. These little gates are practically crawled spaces, and coupled with Spectral Vision, can make quick work out of any enemies that are unfortunate enough to be in the area.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fast Travel - fast travel icon

How to Fast Travel in Ghostwire Tokyo

To fast travel, you’ll need to select a cleansed shrine or other fast travel icons on the Map Menu. To instantly travel there, you’ll need to press the Square button while hovering over the icon.

What Other Conditions Allow for Fast Travel in Ghostwire Tokyo

You can use fast travel when falling down from a great height. Though there is no fall damage in the game, the moment you spawn in your fast travel location, you will spawn in the falling down animation.

You can also initiate Fast Travel while getting hurt by hazardous fog. This is especially handy as the set damage of the fog can kill you quickly.

Are there Limitations When Fast Traveling in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The answer is: yes. There are some conditions that trigger and do not allow you to fast travel in Ghostwire Tokyo.

You cannot simply Fast Travel within indoor locations to a fast travel point. You also cannot Fast Travel while in combat with enemies. There are some events that lock you in a location and thus deny you the ability to fast travel until the event is over.

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