Halo Infinite Skull Locations

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Need help looking for the Halo Infinite campaign skull locations? The Halo franchise has always had Skulls laying around its campaign for players to find. However they can be one of the most difficult collectibles to find. And despite the promise of an open world in the form of the Zeta Halo Ring in Halo Infinite, some Skulls in the main campaign are completely missable. If you don’t want to be endlessly looking around for each location of a Skull in Halo Infinite, let us help you out with our guide.

Halo Infinite Skull Locations

There are a total of 12 Skulls in Halo Infinite. The main campaign length can be pretty long so the chances of missing them are pretty high. You really need to have a keen eye to be able to see them lying around.

Unlike the Forerunner Artifacts, the Skulls are incredible miniature in nature. You won’t be able to find them in the story missions like all of Master Chief’s Halo Infinite gear. There is no landmark designating where they are. If you miss one during one of the campaign’s main missions, you won’t have the chance to go back and get it. Not unless you’re willing to start a new game.

You can use scan to be able to see where the Skulls are located if you wish.

Skull Locations

Here are all the skull locations, what each skull does, and what mission you can find them in all in order.

BOOM Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations
BOOM Skull

Skull BOOM

  • Location – Warship Gbraakon
  • Skull Effect – Doubles Explosion Radius
  • Missable

The first skull is very easy to miss. Skull BOOM can be found right in the smack dab middle of your journey through the Warship Gbraakon. And it’s pretty well hidden. It’s impossible to find this skull unless you’re actually looking for it.

BOOM Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The skull can be found here.

Shortly after you find the very first UNSC Audio Log, which is very hard to miss as it blinks green, you’ll come across a room of containers being moved around. Once you hear the sound of machines moving you’ll know you’re in the right place.

BOOM Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
You can take the container going up to the left.

There are three containers being moved around as if they were elevators. You’ll have to hop unto the middle container and ride it until you get to another contain stuck on the way. The BOOM Skull is sitting neatly there.

COWBELL Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – The Foundation
  • Skull Effect – Increases Acceleration From Explosions
  • Missable

The second Skull is hidden away near the ceiling. Shortly after Master Chief retrieves the “weapon” in The Foundation you’ll be taken into a room full of ghost children. The COWBELL Skull is just a little further up ahead.

Pillar Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The COWBELL Skull is above here.

You’ll eventually leave that room and see a window overlooking the compound. Take the turn left and look at the first pillar you come across. You’re going to have to use your Grappleshot to be able to acquire the skull at the top.

Cowbell Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The Skull is just past here. Use your Grappleshot to get there.

Use your scan to get a proper location of where the COWBELL Skull is once you’re at the top of the pillar. This can take a couple of attempts until you reach the top where the skull is hidden away.

IWHBYD Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – The Tower
  • Skull Effect- Rare Combat Dialogue Happens More Often

Getting to the third skull can be challenging and requires some skill with the Grappleshot. The IWHBYD Skull lies at the very top of the tower. You’re not going to be able to get to the top unless you have either a WASP or a Banshee or you’ve upgraded your Grappleshot to reduce the cooldown by 40% giving you room to use it twice in the air.

The Tower Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The IWHBYD Skull sits at the top

During this part of the game, you must likely haven’t unlocked the WASP yet and there are no Banshees to be seen. Thankfully there are a few Spartan cores nearby which you can use to upgrade your Grappleshot to level 2.

Once you’ve reached the top of the tower, the IWHBYD Skull is sitting nicely for you to get.

CATCH Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – North West of Outpost Tremonius
  • Skull Effect – Enemies Will Throw and Drop Grenades More Frequently

The CATCH Skull is hidden very well on the northern section of the map. There is a big gap of empty void that you have to jump in order to traverse. I was able to make it to this location by using a Mongoose and jumping off at the edge before using my Grappleshot to make it over. This will be easier if you have a WASP or Banshee but you may not have those so early into the game.

CATCH Skull Location Halo Infinite

You’ll find the CATCH Skull in the location marked above. It’s seated among the trunk of a tree on top of several helmets. There are Banished Hunters that are guarding it but you don’t actually need to defeat them. Just grab the skull and go.

FOG Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations
FOG Skull

Skull FOG

  • Location – West of FOB ALPHA at the Edge of the Map
  • Skull Effect – Disables The Motion Tracker Radar

Like the CATCH Skull, you’ll have to look for the FOG Skull on your own. It resides at the west of FOB ALPHA. You’ll have to trail the hexagonal surfaces at the bottom to be able to find it.

FOG Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations

Keep following the hexagonal surfaces until you see a blue doll. There should be a platform on the other side you can use your Grappleshot to. Once you’ve crossed it, you have to traverse upwards, this will be easier if you had any flying vehicles, but your Grappleshot will do.

Blue Doll Halo Infinite Skull Locations

There is an empty room above where the FOG Skull is residing along with an S7 Sniper and a great view of the Zeta Halo Ring.

Blind Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – Between The Mountain Pairs Southwest of the Map, South of Ransom Keep
  • Skull Effect – Disables HUD

This skull took me quite a while to find. It’s hidden rather well between the two mountain pair at the southwestern area of the map, south of Ransom Keep. Getting BLIND Skull is much easier with a Banshee but you can make do if you’re skilled enough with the Grappleshot.

Connection Halo Infinite Skull Locations
This is what you’re looking for.

In the middle of the path between the two pair of mountains, there will be a place which connects the two. You’ll know you have the right place once you see a dead Marine with strange blue markings on the ground. A Banished ship will attack you but you can use the M41 SPNKR laying on the ground.

Dead Marine Halo Infinite Skull Locations

Look below again and you’ll see another dead Marine. You’ll have to follow the path coated in blue surfaces. Be careful your Grappleshot doesn’t fail you as you can fall very easily.

Blue Markings Halo Infinite Skull Locations
Follow the blue markings

Keep dropping down below and you’ll hear a strange voice. You need to platform to the other side using your Grappleshot and you should find the BLIND Skull there.

FAMINE Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – Southeast of the Map South of a Beacon Spire
  • Skull Effect – Half Ammo Drops

To be able to acquire the FAMINE Skull you need to have at least finished Pelican Down mission. There’s no way to get to this island without a flying vehicle so you’re going to have to steal a Banshee. Head towards the Beacon Spire in the southeast of the map.

FAMINE Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations

There’s an isolated island towards the south of that landmark. On the east of the island there is a dead Elite with the FAMINE Skull sitting right next to it.

Thunderstorm Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – Center of the Map North of FOB Juliet West of a Beacon Spire
  • Skull Effect – most enemies now have upgraded rank

This Skull sits in the center of the map. You’ll find it a bit south to where Pelican Down mission takes place. Check your map and look for FOB Juliet and search towards the north. The Skull will be directly west of a Beacon Spire.

Thunderstorm Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations

The THUNDERSTORM Skull will be sitting on an isolated pillar sticking out on the edge overlooking a Beacon Spire. Check the Photo above for reference.

Black Eye Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations
Black Eye Skull


  • Location – South of the Map Northeast of FOB Kilo
  • Skull Effect – Shields Can Only Recharge After You Melee Enemies

This skull can be found cleverly hidden in the waterfall on the south of the map. Head northeast of FOB Kilo and follow the river until you hit the waterfall.

Black Eye Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations

You should notice that this particular waterfall has some red markings. What you’re looking for is a white marking in the middle that indicates there is an opening. You need to use your Grappleshot to get there.

Black Eye Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
It’s where I’m aiming at.

From there you’ll be entering a small cave where the BLACK EYE Skull resides.

Mythic Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – The Command Spire
  • Skull Effect – Any Weapon Dropped By Enemies Have Half Ammo
  • Missable

During The Command Spire missions, you’ll at a certain point find a room with yellow portals forming columns. You need to keep going until you see the columns spin right just before getting etched.

Mythic Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
It’s above here in this room.

You need to use your Grappleshot on the hexagonal column to propel you forward and keep using it on the wall to reach the whole in the ceiling up above.

Door in the Ceiling Halo Infinite
You’ll find this door above the ceiling in the room in the photo above.

There should be a Forerunner door with the MYTHIC Skull at the end of the corridor waiting for you.

Repository Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – Repository
  • Skull Effect – Headshots on Grunts Make Them Explode
  • Missable

After reaching the chamber with only one button and four Forerunner doors in Repository, you’ll have to do several things to access the location to where the skull lies.

Repository Skull Room Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The Power Cell is on the room to the right.

First, once you activate the light bridge do not immediately cross it. You’ll instead use your Thruster and then your Grappleshot to head towards the Forerunner door on the right that doesn’t have a bridge. You’ll see a Power Seed which you can pick up and across.

Room on the Right Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The Power Cell

Second, use the Power Seed you got from the Forerunner door on the right and move it towards the opposite room on the left side from where you came. You can still use your equipment even with the Power Cell equipped so you can use your Thruster then use your Grappleshot to travel between the platforms.

Repository Skull Location Halo Infinite Skull Locations
REPOSITORY Skull is up there

Finally, continue to the level as normal until you reach auditorium. In this room you can look up to the ceiling where you’ll see an opening. This was opened due to the Power Cell we installed previously. You can use Grappleshot to climb above and claim the REPOSITORY Skull. Be careful, there are cloaked Elites that are guarding it. You can just ignore them, grab the skull, and go.

BANDANA Skull Halo Infinite Skull Locations


  • Location – The Silent Auditorium
  • Skull Effect – Infinite Ammo and Grenades and No Equipment
  • Missable

To get the BANDANA Skull it is very important that you do not kill any of the Sentinels. If you’ve forgotten what they look like, they’re like a mini version of the Adjutant Resolution boss. We have a list of bosses for Halo Infinite if you’re interested to see what the boss looks like.

Elevator Hallway Halo Infinite Skull Locations
There’s a door to the right.

The skull can be achieved during the very last mission taking place in The Silent Auditorium. You have to play through this mission up until the you get to the big room with an elevator at the end. This is the last room before the final boss.

Door on the Right Halo Infinite Skull Locations
The BANDANA Skull is in the room through this door.

Instead of taking the elevator at the end of the hall, go to the right side. After jumping over you can get the BANDANA Skull. Just don’t kill any Sentinel and the door won’t be locked. Anyone else is fair game.

Halo Infinite Skull Achievements

Of course, locating the Skulls will earn you achievements for Halo Infinite. You’ll earn three achievements in total that center around the Skulls.

  • Headstrong Achievement – Find Your First Hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement – Find Every Skull in the Game
  • Headmaster Achievement – Complete Every Main Mission on Legendary With All Skulls Active

If you’re gunning for these achievements, we best hope you don’t get the glitch that prevents players from unlocking achievements. Check out our guide into preventing that from happening, here.

And that’s every single location of where you can find the Halo Infinite Skulls in the main campaign. Check out Halo Canon’s Youtube video regarding the Skull locations.

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