Harvestella Character Customization Guide

A complete look on the Harvestella character creation features.

Harvestella Character Customization featured

The Harvestella character customization feature allows you with some of creative options to truly make your character feel unique. This unique spin on the JRPG genre combined with some farming simulator mechanics is a world you’re going to want to insert your own personal avatar into. If your curious about what the character customization options Harvestella offers, this guide will tell you all about it.

Character Customization Features in Harvestella

  • 3 genders
  • 8 skin tones/body type
  • 2 hairstyles
  • 12 hair colors
  • 12 eye colors
  • Character Voice
  • Character Name

In terms of customization, Harvestella doesn’t offer that many options. For starters, you’re only able to pick between two hairstyles and that depends on what the body type/skin tone you prefer is. There’s no option to mix and match between the two. You are able to customize your character’s hair and eye colors however.

Harvestella character customization

The most interesting part is the option to pick a 3rd gender in Harvestella character customization screen. This will refer to how people address you in the game’s world, however you’re able to pick a different body type after selecting one of the three genders. You can opt for a character that is non-binary.

How to Change Appearance in Harvestella?

You can change your character’s appearance by changing jobs in Harvestella. You are able to do this by equipping the jobs on your Party tab in the menu and then switching to that job. There is no way to buy new clothing however and you’re appearance is tied to the job you have equipped at the moment.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change anything else about your characters appearance. Harvestella doesn’t let you go back to the character customization screen to change your hair color, skin tone, or character voice.

Change Appearance in Harvestella

That’s our complete Harvestella character customization guide. We hope this article was informative to you. For more on Harvestella, you’re already in the right place.

If your curious about what the Harvestella character customization looks like. This Youtube video from Tales of Lumin is sure to help you out.

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