High on Life Achievements Guide & How to 100%

High on Life achievements guide featured

Are you looking to get all the High on Life achievements? You must be some super bounty hunter to be seeking 100% the entire game. But if you’re up for it, you could use a guide for how to get all the High on Life achievements.

High on Life has 32 achievements in total each adding up to 1,000 Gamerscore should you collect all of them. The entire list has 3 secret achievements.

Here are all the achievements you can get in High on Life:

All High on Life Achievements

  • Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight: Get Knifey (G20)
  • Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This: Kill Slumsley (G20)
  • First Bounty Down: Defeat 9-Torg (G20)
  • We’re All Very Impressed, Trust Me: Juggle en enemy in the air with at least 5 shots (G20)
  • Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds: Take Knifey’s advice and stab Gene in the gut (G20)
  • Satisfied Gus-tomer: Obtain Gus (G20)
  • G3 Graduation: Defeat Douglas (G20)
  • Cold-Blooded Driller: Defeat Krubis (G20)
  • Sweezy Like Sunday Morning: Obtain Sweezy (G20)
  • Eye Scream, You Scream: Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs (G20)
  • Are You Packin’?: Obtain the Jetpack (G20)
  • Creature Feature: Obtain Creature (G20)
  • Gunning For Your Job: Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets (G20)
  • Who’s The Boss?: Defeat the Skrendel Brothers (G45)
  • RIP Davey Glutes: Obtain the Mag-Boots (G20)
  • We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie: Discover the movie theater (G45)
  • Hardest Battle In The Game: Defeat Dr. Giblets (G45)
  • Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood: Pay your bill at Applebee’s (G20)
  • Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip Club: Spend 15 hours at the very real in-game alien strip club (G20)
  • Self-Actualization: Defeat Nipulon (G45)
  • Lezduit!: Obtain Lezduit (G20)
  • Series Wrap on Suit-O: Say goodbye to Suit-O (G20)
  • Legendary Bounty Hunter: Defeat Garmantuous and take down the G3 cartel (G60)
  • Epic Legendary Prize: Sit through the entirety of the really annoying countdown show on TV (G40)
  • A Starfish is Born: Watch Globo’s rise to fame (G45)
  • Luglox Genocide: Find and open every Luglox chest (G60)
  • Mods Please Ban: Unlock every post in the Bounty Hunter forums (G60)
  • Playing Card to Get: Collect every trading card in the game (G30)

Most of the High on Life achievements can be acquired just by playing through the game. It’s outright impossible not to get the Bring A Knife a Gun Fight achievement as it is required that you get Knifey to progress the story and even unlock Luglox chests hidden around the game. The same goes for the other achievements you get for collecting weapons and defeating bosses which are required to progress the game.

There are achievements that you have to lookout for. Some of the trophies like Epic Legendary Prize you really have to know how to get. You can get the aforementioned trophy simply by waiting for a specific show to be put on in your living room. Other trophies like Luglox Genocide requires that you get Knifey first and really explore the different worlds of High on Life to open all the Luglox chests. Along with Playing Card to Get it can be lengthy to collect all of the hidden collectibles in the game.

Spoiler warning! Below are the High on Life secret achievements which carry possible spoilers.

High on Life Secret Achievements

  • Carried Stan’s Load to Completion: Complete the game with Stan’s product in your inventory (G30)
  • Playing Favorites: Sacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmanthous (G45)
  • Sequel-Bait: Discover Dr. Gurgula’s hideout in the Human Haven (G45)

There are only three secret achievements for High on Life. Unlike the regular High on Life achievements you really should know how to get them if you’re aiming for 100% because you could pass by some. The Carried Stan’s Load to Completion and Playing Favorites are achievements that are potentially missable.

That’s our High on Life achievements guide and how to 100% the game. We hope this article was informative. For more on High on Life, here are some related content:

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