All Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Meet all the characters in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy characters featured

Get to know the Hogwarts Legacy characters you’ll meet in the game! From your fellow students attending school with you to the residents of Diagon Alley, there’s a lot of colorful personality in the game to get to know. Here’s an article that lists every character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Set in the late 1800s, Hogwarts Legacy takes place more than 100 years before the events of Harry Potter. While there are some familiar names that you may recognize from the original source, the game introduces fresh new faces from the wizarding world that we have not yet seen.

Here are the Hogwarts Legacy characters you’ll get to meet:

Hogwarts Legacy Students of Hogwarts Academy

Adelaide Oakes, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Adelaide Oakes – a thoughtful young Hufflepuff student who seems troubled by family matters.

Amit Thakkar, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Amit Thakkar – a bright mind from the Ravenclaw house, Amit has aspirations to be a famous historian. He will always jump to help a friend in need but would prefer to stay out danger and just read about adventures in the books rather than getting a first hand experience.

Arthur Plummy, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Arthur Plummy – a Hufflepuff student who wishes he could have pets. Unfortunately his mother isn’t too fond of creatures, especially magical ones.

Cressida Blume, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Cressida Blume – A Gryffindor student who’s having a bit of trouble with a particular spell. She wishes to impress Professor Ronen.

Everett Clopton, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Everett Clopton – a prankster from the Ravenclaw house who is noted to be a troublemaker by his peers.

Garreth Weasley, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Garreth Weasley – a welcoming student from Gryffindor who happens to be the nephew of Professor Weasley. He enjoys brewing less-than-acceptable creations in the eyes of the Hogwarts faculty.

Grace-Pinch Smedley, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Grace-Pinch Smedley – a Slytherin student who gives the quest for the player to dive into the Black Lake and retrieve her family’s astrolabe.

Imelda Reyes, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Imelda Reyes – a very confident Slytherin student in regards to her broom flying skills. Despite her cocky nature, she’s surprisingly friendly and approachable.

Leander Prewett, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Leander Prewett – a Gryffindor student who challenges you to Summoner’s court.

Lenora Everleigh, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Lenora Everleigh – a Hufflepuff student who’s taken a fascination with the owl that hangs around the Hufflepuff quarters. She honestly believes her place might have been in Ravenclaw instead like her brothers.

Lucan Brattleby, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Lucan Brattleby – a student from Gryffindor who is in charge of the Cross Wands dueling club.

Natsai Onai, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Natsai Onai – a Gryffindor student whose led by her sense of justice. A transferee from the Uagadou, the largest wizarding school in the world, her mother is Hogwart’s new Divination professor. She is one of your Hogwarts Legacy companions.

Nellie Oggspire, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Nellie Oggspire – a Gryffindor student who seems to love chasing a thrill. She’s excited to tell you her tales of scaling towers without the use of a magical broom.

Omnis Gaunt, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Omnis Gaunt – a Slytherin student whose father is a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of Hogwarts. He’s friendly enough although seems to be blind.

Poppy Sweeting, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Poppy Sweeting – a Hufflepuff student who gets along better with magical creatures than people. Her nature-loving personality often puts her at odds against poachers which you can help her against. One of the Hogwarts Legacy companions.

Samantha Dale, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Samantha Dale – a Ravenclaw student who has a fascination for plants.

Sebastian Sallow, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Sebastian Sallow – a charismatic Slytherin student who is searching for a cure for his cursed sister. Often gets into trouble with the faculty because of his antics, but he’s someone the player can befriend. Sebastian is the one who first gets you started on the Dark Arts of magic.

Zenobia Noke, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Zenobia Noke – a Ravenclaw student who starts the hunt for the Gobstones other students have taken from her. For some reason, nobody in Hogwarts is fond of her. Our Hogwarts Legacy Gobs of Gobstones side quest walkthrough will help you regarding her quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Professors

Abraham Ronen, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Abraham Ronen – the rather jovial teacher of Charms class, Professor Ronen is said to be particularly fond of games. His teaching approach is rather unorthodox.

Aesop Sharp, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Aesop Sharp – a strict professor with a penchant for potions. Professor Sharp used to be an Auror, law enforcement body in the wizarding world, until an injury forced him to take up a desk job. You’ll find him hard to impress but he does take pride in students who can thrive in his class.

Bai Howen, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Bai Howen – the professor of the Beasts class in Hogwarts. She makes sure that students know how dangerous magical beasts can be despite their harmless appearance.

Cuttbert Binns, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Cuttbert Binns – a Hogwarts professor who teaches the History of Magic. Considering he’s a ghost, he’s most likely experience wizarding history first hand.

Dinah Hecat, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Dinah Hecat – the professor in charge of Defense Against the Dark Arts in Hogwarts. She may look frail, but she’s responsible for taking out the largest poacher ring in Eastern Wales.

Madam Kogawa, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Madam Kogawa – a stern teacher who first introduces the player to broomstick riding. Considering how dangerous broomstick riding can be, she’s right to take her job seriously.

Matilda Weasley, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Matilda Weasley – the deputy headmistress of Hogwarts who introduces you to your associated house. She is also the professor of Transfiguration which is related to the Room of Requirement.

Mirabel Garlick, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Mirabel Garlick – the professor of Herbology in Hogwarts. Mirabel’s passion for the subject makes her an excellent teacher to turn to when learning more about the magical plants of the wizarding world.

Phineas Nigellus Black, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Phineas Nigellus Black – the current Headmaster of Hogwarts during the late 19th century. Phineas was remembered to be one of the worst headmasters of the school in the original source. Only time will tell if he lives up to his reputation.

Other Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Agnes Scribner, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Agnes Scribner – the Hogwarts librarian who has had more than a few run ins with Sebastian Sallow.

Alfie Weekes, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Alfie Weekes – a shopkeeper in Hogsmeade who sells broomsticks.

Augustus Hill, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Augustus Hill – a shopkeeper in Hogsmeade who sells robes for wizards with magical protection properties. He gives the player some free clothing for their protection from the troll that attacked Hogsmeade.

Deek, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Deek – a house elf in service of Hogwarts. Deek is soft spoken, polite and seems to work directly under the headmistress.

Lodgok, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Lodgok – a goblin residing in Hogsmeade who had a falling out with Ranrok. The protagonist turns to him for answers as to why Ranrok is so interested in him.

Nearly Headless Nick, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Nearly Headless Nick – a character from the original books, this earlier incarnation of him has not lost his head yet. Although he asks for the protagonist’s help in bringing a gift for the Headless Hunt so he can join their ranks.

Nora Treadwell, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Nora Treadwell – an archeologist and historian the player meets under attack by thugs. She specializes in looking for works related to Merlin. She doesn’t believe that King Arthur is fictional at all.

Ranrok, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Ranrok – the leader of the goblin rebellion who attacks the protagonist and Professor Fig in Vault 12. Like the protagonist, he also wields dangerous forgotten magic. He has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in the way.

Richard Jackdaw, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Richard Jackdaw – a ghost who died after losing his head. The protagonist meets him when looking for a specific wand.

Sirona Ryan, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Sirona Ryan – a bartender in Hogsmeade who treats the protagonist to Butterbeer after they saved the town from a troll. In turn, she defends the protagonist from Rockwood.

Thomas Brown, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Thomas Brown – a shopkeeper in Hogsmeade who sells scrolls and tomes. The player first meets him when the headmistress sends them there to collect for spellcrafts she ordered.

Victor Rockwood, Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Victor Rockwood – a gangster extorting the residents of Hogsmeade. He has a special interest in the protagonist.

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