Hooked On You All Quiz Answers and Minigame Guide

A guide for the minigames and quizzes in Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim.

Hooked On You Minigame Quiz cover

Hooked On You spices things up with some minigames and quizzes as players try to steal, or break, the killers’ hearts who are spending their time indefinitely on Murderer’s Island. Not only do these serve as some sort of a break from all the back and forth conversations with the characters of the game, they also present opportunities to further develop the relationship between the survivor and the killer.

In this guide, we will talk about the kinds of minigames that can be played in Hooked On You, plus we will be sharing the answers to the quizzes, too.

Hooked On You Spinner Minigame

There is only one kind of minigame throughout the entire game and it is the Spinner minigame. This minigame will test your timing and reflexes. Although it has two versions, the objective remains the same on both.

Grill minigame

On a circle board, there will be a spinning pointer which usually takes form of an axe, a knife or other items. There will also be a target on the board that has a red “tail” on its latter end. The objective is to click the mouse button just as the tip of the pointer is on the target.

If the pointer is anywhere on the target, it will count as a perfect hit. If the pointer misses, but lands on the red tail, it counts as a “Not Bad” hit. If the pointer misses the target and the tail entirely, then it is counted as a complete miss.

Pool minigame

The other version of the Spinner minigame has the same mechanic, but presented in a different manner. Instead of a pointer, there will be a hole on a spinning disk that will let you see the board underneath where the target is.

If the hole lands on the target, even if it just shows a portion of it, it counts as a perfect hit. If the hole lands on the red tail, it counts as a “Not Bad” hit. If the hole lands on any other part of the board, then it is counted as a complete miss.

Depending on who you are with when playing the minigame and depending on your performance, you can gain more affection level on this minigame. It doesn’t always have to be a perfect hit every time as sometimes just having a so-so score can still improve your affection level based on the killer and the situation. In general:

  • Trapper: prefers perfection and precision
  • Wraith: is okay with some misses
  • Spirit: prefers a so-so score
  • Huntress: prefers perfection and precision, but also prefers a so-so score if she’s playing hide-and-seek

There is also another version of the spinner minigame wherein it takes place on a radio. You’ll have to time the hit so that the pointer lands on the radio station that you want to tune in to.

Spinner Minigame Tips

  • There is no time limit when playing the minigames, so you can take your time if you want to get those perfect hits.
  • Although the hole version of the minigame may seem to look harder, it’s as easy as the pointer version. The trick is to step back and look at the board as a whole, don’t just follow and lock your eyes on the hole. Once you find the target, focus on it and find the timing on when to hit.
  • It’s better to hit a bit earlier to account for some split second latency.
Just one of many quizzes that can be encountered

All Quiz Answers for Hooked On You

In each of the four routes, you will encounter a quiz given either by the killer themselves, or by another character. These quizzes are either based on real-world facts or are based on the characters’ lore. Here are the answers:

  • Trapper’s Route, as given by Trapper’s father
    • Never
    • A partner in crime
    • Literally
    • Yes
  • Wraith’s Route, as given by Grandma Abi
    • Cetus
    • The Zodiac
    • Horologium
  • Spirit’s Route, as given by Trapper
    • Rin Yamaoka
    • A Dragon
    • Restaurant
    • Black
    • Not being seen for who you are
  • Huntress’ Route, Mycology quiz
    • Black Trumpet (left)
    • Yellow Chanterelle (left
    • Green Crackling Russula (right)

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