Hooked On You Wraith Romance Guide (Dead by Daylight Dating Sim)

Learn how to get the Hooked On You Wraith's True Ending.

Wraith is one of the bachelors you can romance in the Hooked On You: Dead By Daylight dating simulator. Compared to the other love interests, he’s by far the most gentle and laid back. You may find him easy to approach, but you could use this Hooked On You Wraith romance guide we’ve created to get to his True Ending.

Day One Hooked On You Wraith Romance Choices

The first set of questions in the volleyball court won’t affect anything. However you need to answer these questions with the right answer in order to get to the Wraith romance route:

  • Pick the beach pool. It’s the image second to the left.
  • Pick the Googles and Snorkel.
  • Pick Hands Off.

You’ll be taken to a minigame where you’ll have to land the circle in the correct spot after the choices above. Try to pass it to impress The Wraith. Though it isn’t really necessary to get his true ending. Afterwards you can either choose to defend Dwight or have some fun before you’re taken to a meat carving minigame with the same mechanics.

  • Say you’re sorry.
  • Pick no.
  • Choose to hold the bell delicately.
  • Choose to go with Wraith.
  • Ask about the story.
  • Tell Wraith you’d forgive the young man in the story.
  • Pick yes.
  • Choose to spend time with The Wraith.

Day Two Hooked On You Wraith Romance Choices

  • Pick to go with Wraith on a date.
  • Choose to break the silence.
  • Say you.
  • Choose to mix those potions.
  • Tell Wraith you remember your grandmother.
  • Ask what the table is for.
  • Smile.

After picking the options above, Wraith will ask you to play a cornhole minigame with him. It functions like every other minigame in that you have to land the skull in the hole. It doesn’t really matter if you pass this minigame so long as you continue to pick the right options.

Day Two Hooked On You Wraith Romance Choices
  • Pick Truth.
  • Tell Wraith it’s a great question.
  • Choose the cactus.
  • Ask Wraith to show you something.
  • Tell Spirit she’s a hypocrite.

Wraith will take you back to his lair. You can look at any of the options provided without affecting his route. Later you’ll be taken back to the beach where you should pick the right options.

  • Say you had a great time.
  • Agree to tell a story.
  • Pick romance as the theme.
  • Choose Wraith to tell the story next.
  • Pick Wraith to spend time with.
  • Choose to give Wraith a massage.
  • Suggest to throw a frisbee.
  • Hug Wraith.
  • Pick any of the killers except Wraith.

Day Three Hooked On You Wraith Romance Choices

Day Three Hooked On You Wraith Romance Choices
  • Choose to give the flowers to Wraith.
  • Tell Wraith that he’ll never disappoint you.
  • Pick up the coin.

After making the choices above, you’ll be presented with options to go to different locations. Each location is home to the other killers and you will have to pick from a set of choices there. You should beware of the Trapper’s Cave as it actually has the potential to kill you if you pick wrong. Explore each location and pick these choices:

  • Trappers Cave
    • Look around the cave.
    • Take the coin.
    • Quit while you’re ahead.
    • Tell him you’re pranking Wraith.
  • Huntress’ Cabin
    • Tell her you’re pranking Wraith.
    • Play the minigame.
  • Black Lighthouse
    • Tell Trickster no.

After that, you’ll be going back to the forest where Huntress will show up and offer to tell you something about the bell. In exchange, you have to give her the coins you found. You don’t actually get an option for this, but you do go back to the Black Lighthouse and get confronted by the Spirit who has Wraith’s bell. Any of the responses will do, but you will have to pass a minigame before she hands you the bell Wraith is looking for.

  • Ask what we’re finishing.
  • Complete the minigames with Grandma Abi.
  • Choose the statue of a horse.
  • Pick the cactus.

After choosing the options above, Grandma Abi will give you a choice between playing a minigame or doing the trivia. You can choose either. If you opt for the trivia, here are the answers:

  • Cetus
  • The Zodiac
  • Horologium

Once you passed the above, you’re now at the ending. Choosing to accept love leads to Hooked On You Wraith romance True Ending.

Hooked On You Wraith Romance Guide

That’s our Hooked On You Wraith Romance Guide to get the True Ending. We hope you found this article to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Hooked On You content.

Check out this Youtube video from DStrike giving a tutorial for how to unlock the True Ending for the Wraith in Hooked On You.

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