Hooked On You Huntress Romance Guide (Dead by Daylight Dating Sim)

Hunt the most dangerous predator in the game: her heart.

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The Huntress is a bachelorette who you can choose to romance in the Hooked On You: Dead By Daylight Dating Sim. Notable for her tower tall height and bulging muscles, she’s certainly no slouch when it comes to any physical activity. You can use this Hooked On You Huntress romance guide to learn all the right choices to wooing her.

Day One Hooked On You Huntress Romance Choices

The first set of questions in the volleyball court won’t affect anything. However you need to answer these questions with the right answer in order to get to the Huntress romance route:

  • Choose the beach. It’s the second image to the right.
  • Pick Huntress.
  • Pick Huntress again.
  • Choose Imagination.

After picking Imagination, Huntress will put you into a minigame. You’ll have to land the hatchet in the right area as it rotates faster. Afterwards, you’ll play another minigame in the evening where you’ll have to carve meat. You don’t actually need to pass these minigames to romance Huntress. Just continue to pick the right choices.

  • Tell them you’re sorry.
  • Choose to accept the jerky.
  • Choose to show her a thing or two.
  • Pick Huntress to tell the story.
  • Join in singing.
  • Tell Huntress you didn’t think the girl from her story was her and that it’s cool.
  • Choose to chuckle awkwardly.
  • Choose to sit beside Huntress by the fire pit.

Day Two Hooked On You Huntress Romance Choices

  • Choose to go with Huntress.
  • Tell Huntress her collection is “so much.”
  • Grab a shashka.
  • Say of course when Huntress asks you if you want a family.
  • Pick totally.
  • Say “Ugh, as if” when The Trapper comes to take you away from Huntress.
  • Say thanks, but no thanks.

After this, Huntress will be impressed with your loyalty. You’ll then be going to the woods where you’ll play a minigame where you’ll have to find Huntress who is hiding. The circle will be obscured by leaves and you’ll have to land the circle in the right area where Huntress’ icon is.

Day Two Hooked On You Huntress Romance Choices
  • Say totally.
  • Tell them of your brush with death.
  • Choose to tell a story.
  • Choose action as the theme.
  • Pick Huntress to tell the story.
  • Choose to go with Huntress.
  • Pick the Angler Fish mask.
  • Say that this deserves a celebration.

You’ll then reach a point where Huntress will test your knowledge on mushrooms. She wants to see if you can tell which are edible and which aren’t. Most of the time, the answer is the mushroom that doesn’t look edible.

  • Left
  • Left
  • Right

After you’ve made the choices on which mushrooms are edible, continue making the right ones for the night.

  • Tell Huntress they are hot.
  • Pick to kill em all.
  • Pick any of the killers to eliminate except Huntress.

Day Three Hooked On You Huntress Romance Choices

Day Three Hooked On You Huntress Romance Choices
  • Choose to give the flower to Huntress.
  • Pick the tidy up her cabin option.
  • Pick how dare those monsters.

You have to help Huntress recover her stuff which was stolen by other killers. You’ll have to go to each of the four locations which happen to be the domain of the other killers, which also includes the bothersome Trickster. You’ll be asked to do a spinning minigame in each location. When you are going through the Trapper’s Cave, you need to pick the Underground Tunnel option to avoid being killed.

After recovering all of Huntress’ items, you’ll head back to her cabin where you’ll meet her mother. Make sure to pick the correct options.

  • Tell her what an honor it is.
  • Pick of course.
  • Say you want to start a family together.

After picking these options, you’re close to getting Huntress’ True Ending. You’ll go outside where Dwight and Claudette can be found. Huntress will offer to kill them for you and you have to pick “Absolutely.”

To get the Hooked On You Huntress romance ending, pick to say “I LOVE YOU TOO!” and you’ve won her heart.

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That’s our Hooked On You Huntress Romance Guide to get the True Ending. We hope you found this article to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Hooked On You content.

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