How to Get Kudosh Fast in Two Point Campus

A guide on how to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus Kudosh cover

Kudosh is one of the currencies in Two Point Campus and is crucial to unlocking new stuff that can be placed in and used for the campus. Because of how it has been designed as a very valuable currency of the game, it is not as easy and simple to earn loads of Kudosh as compared to cash.

In this guide, we will be talking about the ways of how to get Kudosh, and how to efficiently earn it as fast as possible.

How to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Kudosh can be earned through a number of ways, though they are being given as rewards in small quantities:

  • Career Goals – These are long-term objectives that reward increasing amounts of Kudosh with every milestone reached. Each goal increases in level every time a milestone is completed; the higher the level, the more of it is rewarded.
Campus Star Rating
  • Campus Star Rating – More Kudosh can be earned when the campus earns a star. Earning a star usually requires a set of objectives that have to be fulfilled, such as reaching a certain campus level, attaining a certain average grade from the students of the campus, or by achieving a certain stat threshold like thermal comfort. Because of the amount of effort that have to be done just to get a star, players can expect a huge payout.
  • Research Projects – This is a more passive way of obtaining it and it requires the campus to have access to a research lab and allocate teachers to do the job. Some of the research projects can reward some amount of Kudosh when completed, but this method of earning it is only recommended when the campus has already been established mid-game and there’s enough teachers to spare.
  • Random Objectives – These are small tasks that pop up randomly from time to time, usually denoted by a blue circle with a white + sign. Completing these objectives can sometimes reward Kudosh and some cash and they don’t really take much effort to do so.
End of Year Awards
  • End of Year Awards – Whenever the school year ends, the campus will be assessed based on its performance, and when it manages to reach some criteria, the campus will be given awards that will usually reward some amount of Kudosh and some cash.
  • Paperback Bookworms – These a literally worms that randomly pop out from the ground around the campus. Clicking on these worms can sometimes give out Kudosh, too.
Kudosh is mainly used to unlock items to place within the campus

How to farm Kudosh fast in Two Point Campus

With all the sources of Kudosh listed down, here are our recommendations on how to get this valuable currency as fast as possible.

  • Aim for the stars, no matter how hard the tasks are. The Campus Star goals are one of the definite and workable ways of getting huge amounts of Kudosh, so beelining for them is a good way to get them fast.
  • Only get the essentials and make sure that every Kudosh-based purchase matters. It’s best to go for facilities, equipment, and most especially decoration that can provide a boost to any of your campus’ stats.
  • In contrast to the previous tip, don’t be afraid to spend some, especially if the item in question is part of a student’s personal goal and completing a number of student goals is part of your current Campus Star objectives.
  • Pin the Career Goals that are closer to your Campus Star goals, that way you can streamline on working on both goals. Don’t focus on a goal that you cannot work on in the given moment.
  • Don’t spend every Kudosh that you have just because you can. There are instances where the game may require you to purchase something that you have not unlocked yet, so it’s good to have some ‘dosh in your wallet when it happens.

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