How to Get Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man – Missions, All Abilities Guide


Real heroes have a tendency of being late to the party. Spider-Man can certainly attest after finally being added to the Marvel’s Avengers roster after a full year despite Crystal Dynamics no doubt being buried under requests from many players.

With Insomniac’s massive success with Marvel’s Spiderman for the PlayStation console, it is certainly great to see this neighborhood friendly superhero take part in Marvel’s Avengers. Learn all about how to unlock Spider-Man and all of his abilities in this guide.

Marvel’s Avengers How to Unlock Spider-Man

Unlocking Spider-Man is fairly simple. You don’t have to grind, complete missions, or pay up to start spinning those webs to get Spider-Man on Marvel’s Avengers. You simply have to find Spider-Man and watch a cutscene and he’s yours. Here’s a step-by-step process into unlocking Spider-Man.

Update Marvel’s Avengers To The Latest Version on Your PS4 or PS5

Spider-Man is a free DLC content and you need to have the latest version of Marvel’s Avengers updated on either your PS4 or PS5.

Go to the Hero Selection Menu

Hero Selection Menu

Once you’ve booted up Marvel’s Avengers, go to the Hero Selection menu. You will be notified that Spider-Man is on the helicarrier. You’ll need to find him before you can start playing as him.

Go to Chimera Helicarrier

Chimera Carrier

In order to find Spider-Man you must be in the Chimera Helicarrier outpost. If you’re on any of the other outpost, you should use the war table to fast travel back to the Chimera.

Find the Suspicious Web

Suspicious Web

After you’re in the Chimera Helicarrier, you can start looking around for Spider-Man but you won’t find him anywhere inside. He isn’t going to be in the crew quarters, hanger bay, or anywhere indoors. For this you actually have to go outside of the helicarrier.

To find Spider-Man you need to look at the left side of the front windows that is on the main deck. You’ll notice that there is a “Suspicious Web” that you can investigate.

Investigating the Suspicious Web will trigger a cutscene. From then on, Spider-Man is now playable.

Is Spider-Man a PlayStation Exclusive?

Spider-Man is a playable hero only to those who own a PlayStation copy of Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man is not playable on PC or Xbox as of the moment.

Due to Sony owning the rights to the Spider-Man license, it will be difficult to say that this hero will be coming to other platforms. We can expect him to be a permanent hero only available to PlayStation owners.

Does Spider-Man Have Any Personal Missions?

Oddly enough Spider-Man just kind of pops up with the Avengers for no real reason. He doesn’t have real quests you can tackle. Instead, his questline in the “With Great Power” event is a series of challenges that will reward players with his story background through motion comics and audio logs.

So if you want to unlock Spider-Man’s abilities you’ll have to do it by replaying older missions rather than taking advantage of any new ones specifically tailored to this character. The reason for Spider-Man’s lack of a story mission is due to Crystal Dynamic not really wanting to focus on a PlayStation exclusive character. Instead the developers wanted to focus on content for all platforms.

Marvel’s Avengers All Spider-Man Abilities

Spider-Man Abilities

Spider-Man is very much his capable acrobatic self in Marvel’s Avengers. He’s a hero fighter best suited to dodging attacks rather than blocking. If you’re used to playing any other hero, then you may take a bit of time to get used to how differently Spider-Man plays when fighting the bad guys.

Primary Abilities

The crux of Spider-Man’s fighting style is his ability to take away an enemy’s ability to fight back. His Light and Heavy attacks are geared towards stunning enemies and juggling them while they remain helpless and in the air.

  • Light Attack – Spider Skirmish is a light combo that focuses on building up stun damage. This will also keep any bad guys flying in the air.
  • Heavy Attack – Take to the Sky launches the enemy upwards. You can follow this up by jumping and using Spider Skirmish to keep them helpless.
  • Ranged Attack – While on the wall Spider-Man can use Predator Instinct which has him leap towards enemies to deal a powerful punch that gives Impact Damage.

Intrinsic Ability

Spider-Man uses his all time famous Spider-Sense to help out the Avengers. Before an enemy attacks you, an indicator will appear giving you the nod to dodge the attack. Dodging while the indicator is one provides Spider-Man with bonus armor. He can also counter attack with Think Fast to do a leg sweep on enemies shortly after dodging. Think Fast leaves enemies vulnerable to additional combos as it knocks them down.

Dodging attacks and dealing damage will also fill up Spider-Man’s intrinsic meter which is tied to his Wreckage Skill. Once the meter is filled up, Spider-Man can perform a takedown on any enemy regardless if they’re stunned.

Spider-Man can also perform Double Fire which will make enemies easier to handle by hitting them with his webs.

Heroic Abilities

Spider-Man has three Heroic Abilities.

  • Web-Bomb – Spider-Man’s Assault Heroic Ability. This will activate a Web-bomb which will affect a large group of enemies. The webs will leave them open to your combos.
  • Spider-Drone – Spider-Man’s Support Heroic Ability. Spider-Man will pop out small gadgets to provide covering fire for the Avengers.
  • Wrecking Ball – Spider-Man’s Ultimate Heroic Ability. Spider-Man creates a large ball of web and throws it down to the ground. This will knock back any enemy too close to Spider-Man and deal a lot of damage to those in its way.

Whatever you do, don’t tell Jonah Jameson about this article. Check out this gameplay of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers. Credit to GameClips.

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