How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive

Learn how to befriend Angewomon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive featured

Angewomon in Digimon Survive is a Holy Vaccine type Digimon with a large sense of righteousness. This Digimon was previously thought to be an Angel type, but was later reclassified as the more powerful Archangel type Digimon due to her powerful abilities. This guide will teach you how to get Angewomon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive?

There are two ways to get Angewomon for your team in Digimon Survive. The first way is to befriend Angewomon after encountering her in Part 6 of Digimon Survive. The second way is to evolve Patamon past their Champion stage and into their Ultimate forms.

If you plan to recruit Angewomon through free battles, this will be possible if you’re at least Part 6 of Digimon Survive. This is the middle point of the game where Digimon you encounter are going to become a lot stronger. It is possible to get Angewomon earlier if you’re willing to evolve a certain Digimon to do so.

You can evolve Patamon into Angewomon by using two Mature Enlightenment Slabs to get them into their Ultimate forms. However before you reach Part 6 of Digimon Survive, these are rather rare so we suggest you save them. Instead you can encounter Angemon in Part 4 who you can evolve into Angewomon directly. Read our How to Get Angemon in Digimon Survive guide for more info.

A fun fact about Angel type Digimon is that you can tell how strong they are by the number of wings. Angewomon has eight wings which Angel type Digimon have on their Ultimate forms. Compare this with Angemon who only have six and are still in the Champion stages.

How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive

It is possible to just recruit Angewomon directly. If you’re already at a certain point in Digimon Survive, you won’t have to resort to using your Mature Enlightenment Slabs to evolve either Gotsumon or Guardromon to get Angewomon.

How to Recruit Angewomon in Digimon Survive?

You have to befriend Angewomon before you can recruit them for your team in Digimon Survive. Once you reach Part 6 of the game, Angewomon can be encountered in free battles that take place in the Far Ruins of the second island. You can opt to Talk with Angewomon where you must choose the right answers to have the best chance in recruiting Angewomon.

In a conversation with Angewomon, you’ll see a meter above their heads. This meter will tell you how much Angewomon likes you. It must be filled by at least 50% at the end of the conversation with the Digimon to have a chance at recruiting them.

Each answer you give Angewomon will fill up the meter differently. The more the meter is filled, the better the chances you’ll befriend Angewomon and have this Digimon agree to join your team. To get the highest chance for Angewomon in Digimon Survive to join you, always choose the best answer in response to their questions or statements.

How to Recruit Angewomon in Digimon Survive

Here are the questions/statements that Angewomon asks and the best response to them:


Best Answer

I may seem tough, but I actually love to grow flowers…Is that strange?

I think it fits!

A starry sky, or a blue sky. Which do you prefer?

A clear blue sky!

Why do you wish to fight us?

To return to my world.

Facing a strong opponent sure gets your heart racing, doesn’t it?

Yeah, so exciting!

I sometimes get lost in thought by the river. I wouldn’t give up that time for the world!

Water sure is calming.

Doesn’t the tranquil morning air just get your motor running?

Yeah, it’s refreshing.

I have something I must protect. Can you say the same?

I have that, too.

Angewomon is a righteous Digimon who despises evil. Give her responses that align with a sense of justice and reasoning and you’ll earn her favor. Angewomon shares more affinity with you should you be following the Moral route. You can read our Digimon Survive Karma System Explained article for more information.

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That’s how to get Angewomon in Digimon Survive. We hope you found this guide to be informative. Angewomon isn’t the only form you can evolve to in the game, so be sure to check out our Digimon Survive Evolutions: all Digimons & their next forms article for the full list. We also have more Digimon Survive content for you.

This Youtube video from PrimeraEspada91 shows you how to recruit Angewomon in Digimon Survive.