How to get the Jetpack in High on Life

Looking for the jetpack in High on Life?

The Jetpack in High on Life allows you to reach some hard to get to elevated areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to with your other tools. Like many of your bounty hunting equipment, the Jetpack isn’t automatically included. This guide will help you get the Jet Pack in High on Life.

Where to get the Jetpack in High on Life?

You can get the Jetpack in High on Life by purchasing a reservation ticket for 999 Pesos in Mr. Keeps & Son pawnshop in Blim City. After Gene tells you to go to sleep, you’ll wake up with the Jet Pack equipped. This will only be available after defeating Douglas and Krubis and turning in their bounties.

The Jetpack can only be gotten after completing the first three bounty hunting missions. You can’t miss it either since Gene pesters you into getting one for yourself. However it will cost some Pesos you might have otherwise been saving for upgrades.

After waking up from your sleep, you’ll get a short tutorial on how to use the Jetpack. Kenny will show you the ropes above your house which teaches you the basic controls. You’ll quickly get the gist of how useful this equipment is.

You are able to upgrade your Jetpack fuel by going to Mr. Keeps & Son pawnshop. After getting the Jetpack suit, they’ll have new items on stock. The Kinetic Tank will increase the fuel of your Jetpack allowing you to fly higher and for longer periods of time. It costs 1,200 Pesos though so it’s quite pricey. If you want the Jetpack to go faster, you can buy the Jetpack Booster for 3,000 Pesos.

That’s how to get the Jetpack in High on Life. We hope you are now soaring through the skies like an angel, just not a literal one. Here are some more High on Life related content:

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