Where to Find a Drum in High On Life

Learn how to get the A Starfish Is Born achievement.

Drum in High on Life featured

You need to find a drum in High On Life in order to give it to Globo. After you get transported to Blim City, you can meet a yellow alien and an alien whose head looks like a butt. The former will explain that the latter needs drum but can’t tell you where to find one. This guide will teach you where to find a drum in High on Life for Globo.

How to Find a Drum for Globo?

You can find a drum for Globo by going to Mr. Keeps & Son pawnshop and purchasing it for 78 Pesos. The drum looks more like a turtle shell and can be found on the right end of the store just by the counter.

Afterwards you can then hand it over to the yellow alien beside Globo and he’ll give it to the farting alien to start playing. While he’ll initially just be mindlessly playing it by himself, over time he’ll grow a devout following. Completing this task will earn you the A Starfish is Born achievement.

Where to Find a Drum in High On Life

If you’re having trouble looking for Mr. Keeps & Son pawnshop, it’s the same store you go to get the activation key for your suit. The shop offers the drum as well as other items that upgrade your combat capabilities. It’s next to the roundabout building with the giant blue alien statue eating alien slurp.

Once you’ve completed this, you should get the associated achievement in time. Check out our High on Life Achievements Guide & How to 100% if you’re curious about how to get other achievements.

How to Find a Drum for Globo

That’s how to get the drum in High on Life. We hope you managed to help Globo become a star with our guide. Here are some more High On Life related content:

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