How to Play as Dinosaurs in Exoprimal

Want to know how to play as dinosaurs in Exoprimal?

We all want to play as dinosaurs in Exoprimal. Being the main enemy of the game, dinosaurs are a central part of Exoprimal, and while we normally play as the Exosuit pilots, you may be curious if you can play as these prehistoric beasts in the game. Read on as we teach you whether you can play as Dinosaurs in Exoprimal and how to do so.

How to Play as Dinosaurs in Exoprimal?

You can play as dinosaurs in Exoprimal, but only momentarily. During the final part of Dino Survival, Leviathan will grant a Dominator at some point, which you can use to summon and control a dinosaur to an enemy team’s position.

The purpose of controlling a dinosaur is to hinder the enemy team’s progress while you progress your own. Dinosaur controls can be clunky, but they can easily rip apart other players with a few aggressive swings. They aren’t easy to take down either, even when an entire team is focused on them.

How to Play as Dinosaurs in Exoprimal

You won’t be able to pick which dinosaur you want to play as, however. From our experience, you normally play as the Carnotaurus, but at times you will be able to play as the Triceratops or some of the other bigger dinosaurs. Only one player can use the Dominator, and once picked up, it can be used strategically at the most opportune moment.

The Dominator will be dropped upon switching Exosuits and can be picked up again. It will also take your RIG slot, so you can’t use what you have equipped until you drop or use the Dominator. If you want to give the Dominator to another player, you can switch Exosuits.

Even in PVE, players can control dinosaurs to attack enemy players. Upon using the Dominator, you’ll be transported to the enemy team’s dimension to wreck havoc on their progress. And they can also do the same to you.

Trex - How to Play as Dinosaurs in Exoprimal

Player-controlled dinosaurs are extremely dangerous, but they can be taken down quickly with Overcharge attacks. Because of how Dino Survival plays, it’s very common that you’ll only use Overcharge once in a single game. So you’d best save it for when an enemy player attacks.

You can’t control dinosaurs for too long. There is a time limit even if the health isn’t depleted, which you can see on the purple health bar in the lower left corner. So when you’re playing as a dinosaur in Exoprimal, you better make it count.