How to Play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus

Learn to play as Bugs Bunny in Loony Tunes.

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Bugs Bunny MultiVersus is a fighter that has got to be one of the most famous in the roster. Who hasn’t heard of this trickster rabbit that has bent the laws of physics in his favor more than once? Now he’s in MultiVersus and he’s about to show why he’s top dog. This guide will teach you everything about how to play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Guide

Bugs Bunny is faithful to his core, even in his MultiVersus adaptation. His fighting style is that of a trickster that manipulates enemies into doing what he wants. He’s makes good setups for his teammates to knock enemies out of the ring. Watch as Bugs uses Toon Physics to debuff enemies and instill penalties in them.

Unfortunately, Bugs Bunny isn’t a free-to-play character. You’d either have to spend 2,000 Gold to unlock him or spend the premium currency, 700 Glemium, if you want to play as him. So you’d either have to grind for the amount of Gold currency or fork over some real world money.

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Specials

  • Dynamite, Doc? (Passive Special): When Bugs Bunny is crouching, he pulls out box that has an item and launches it towards the nearest ally. There will be a cooldown period for this special.
  • Safe Painter (Neutral Special): Bugs Bunny drops a target only for a safe projectile to drop seconds later. This safe can be hit to hurl it onto enemies. Upon its destruction, the safe leaves an item. There will be a cooldown period for this special.
  • Ain’t I a Charmer? (Side Special): Bugs Bunny blows a kiss that makes enemies follow him without being able to attack. If he blows this kiss midair, he stuns enemies instead. This kiss buffs allies by giving them rage and making their next attack deal a broken armor debuff.
  • Special Delive-Rocket (Up Special): Bugs Bunny launches a rocket projectile to the skies. The rocket will later fall down onto the ground. Teammates can grab on to the rocket as if it was a wall. There will be a cooldown period for this special.
  • Bunny Burrow (Down Special): Bugs makes like a rabbit and burrows into the ground. He is invincible as he moves. After a period of time, he jumps up and attacks. This special can be activated early by pressing jump while Bugs is burrowed. A tunnel will be left at the entrance and exit of the special which allies can use to teleport around.

Bugs Bunny Multiverse is a fighter that will take some time to master. He’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve that confuses enemies and can debuff them. This makes Bugs a great pick for team fights as he can setup up punishing attacks for his teammates to take advantage of.

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus Perks

Bugs Bunny will gain perks as you play as him and level him up. Here are all of Bugs Bunny MultiVersus perks:

  • Coffeezilla (Level 2): Bugs Bunny and his team gets a 10% ability cooldown reduction.
  • Collateral Damage (Level 4): Bugs Bunny and his team deals 1 additional damage when enemies are knocked back into a wall or the floor.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): Bugs can borrow the perk of his allies.
  • Speed Force Assist (Level 7): Bugs Bunny and his team receives 4% increase in movement speed.
  • Comin’ Through Doc (Level 8): Bugs Bunny and his team release shockwaves after leaving an existing tunnel thanks to his down special.
  • Lingering Love (Level 10): Bugs Bunny’s side special will instead leave a kiss which enemies can walk through. They’ll be charmed but for a reduced duration.
  • Aerial Acrobat (Level 11): Bugs Bunny and his allies get a 10% increase in air acceleration.
  • Sturdy Dodger (Level 13): Bugs and his allies gets armor for a second after neutral dodging a projectile successfully.

You can equip these perks before a fight starts at character selection.

Tips for Playing Bugs Bunny MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny is a great support brawler for his team. He’s a trickster that has a lot on his sleeve that can fool enemies and manipulate them to his favor. However his moves can take some time to set up so you should master them first before heading in the arena.

Bug’s Ain’t I a Charmer? special is great for leading enemies into the edge of the ring. Have your teammates set up Ringouts this way. You can even use Bug Bunny’s Bunny Burrow to create shortcuts around the arena and move around a lot easier which makes it easier to set up and avoid attacks.

A lot of Bug’s specials is distanced based. So you’re recommended to stay away from opponents instead of engaging them closely all the time. This Loony Tunes icon can still fight man-to-bunny competently so you don’t need to worry about constantly running away.

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That’s our guide for How to Play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more MultiVersus content, stay with us!

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