How to Solve Imperial Gardens Puzzle Remnant 2

Here's how to solve the plinth puzzle in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens puzzle cover image

Because of the procedural generation of Remnant 2, you may come across the Imperial Gardens puzzle in Yaesha. There are two plinth puzzles that you can solve, one of which is necessary to move forward, and the other being a hidden dial puzzle that you can solve for additional rewards. To save you from being at a loss, we made this guide to show you how to solve the Imperial Gardens puzzles in Remnant 2.

How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2

The solution to the Imperial Gardens puzzle is to match the dials with the symbols you find in certain areas around the garden itself. Due to the procedural generation of Remnant 2, the symbols are randomly generated per playthrough, so you’ll have to go out and look for them.

As we mentioned, there are two plinth puzzles, but you only need to solve the main one in the Imperial Gardens to move on. There is a hidden dial puzzle that you can solve, which will give you a new Relic that focuses on healing you and your allies. Now the symbols you need to find are just around the vicinity of the dial itself, so you don’t need to wander too far.

What you need to do is look around for the glowing blue symbols and take note of them. Once you have all four, go back to the main dial and match the symbols you saw. The order doesn’t matter so long as the symbols on the dial are the same as in the area.

Solving the Main Dial Puzzle

The four locations you need to find to solve the main dial puzzle is just around the location. The nearest symbol you can find by looking at the dial itself and then turning to the right. There is a large tree branch that forms a bridge. Cross it and turn left, the nearest symbol is just to the left side.

Going back to the location of the dial and then going down the stairs close to the branch that forms a bridge will lead you to the second symbol. Follow the stairs, and you’ll reach a door. Go through it, then climb the ledges to the right and follow the path. You’re going to need to make jumps to get across. Go straight and cross the branch that forms a bridge instead of going down the stairs to your right. After crossing that branch, there is a wall to the left that you can shoot down. Follow this path, and you’ll get to the second symbol.

For the third symbol, go back to where the dial was. At the dial, turn left and head down the stairs. Follow the path and go through the door and up the hill. Keep going until you reach an area with branches forming a bridge descending downwards. As soon as you descend, shoot the red wall and enter the enclosed room. You’ll see the third symbol here.

The fourth symbol is near the third one. In the room you found it, go outside and turn left. Follow the path and then jump above the ledges. Keep moving forward and you’ll eventually reach a dead end shortly with the last symbol in front of you.

Once you find all four symbols, go back to the dial and input them in any order. This will open a path underground for you to move on.

Where to Find the Hidden Dial Puzzle?

The hidden dial puzzle can be found inside a magic wall you can phase through that’s located in-between a set of ascending stairs with an elevator going up on the top. This area is near the Checkpoint in the Imperial Gardens.

Hidden Dial Puzzle - Remnant 2

Unlike the previous dial, this one doesn’t have you going around to find the symbols you need to solve it. Instead what you need to do is head up the stairs and activate the elevator before quickly getting off. The symbols will pass by as the elevator continues to ascend upwards. Quickly take note of them and then head back to the hidden dial.

Input the symbols you found and the lock will open. You can head inside and pick the Blooming Heart Relic. Upon activation, this Relic will heal 35% of your Max HP within 5 seconds. It also drops three Healing Orbs that also heal the same amount when picked up. This makes it perfect for the Medics and Alchemist archetypes.

Be aware though because some bosses have modifiers that can also heal them upon activation of the Relic.