How to Unlock WALL-E’s Garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Garden cover

Gardening is just one of the many activities players can do in Dreamlight Valley. Any tillable plot of land in the valley can be planted with a crop plant, and there is a huge variety of crops that can be grown any time. But the thing with gardening is that it’s all manual labor, from tilling, watering, until harvesting. Thankfully, there’s a small robot that is willing to lend his grabbers to help with the garden.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to unlock and improve WALL-E’s garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock WALL-E’s Garden

To unlock WALL-E’s Garden, you must first invite WALL-E to live in the village. Once that is done, raise your friendship level with WALL-E and the quest called “Village Project: The Garden” will become available. In this quest, WALL-E would like to get your help in restoring the garden that can be found in the Peaceful Meadow.

Step 1: Gather the materials

Talk to WALL-E and he will tell you to gather the necessary materials to fix the garden and to start growing some plants. You will need to gather:

  • x5 Sugarcane Seed
  • x5 Wheat Seed
  • x1 Trellis
  • x3 Burlap Bags

The Sugarcane Seeds can be purchased from Goofy’s Store at Dazzle Beach, while the Wheat Seeds can be bought from the store in Peaceful Meadow.

Step 2: Craft a Trellis

You will need to craft a trellis which is a wooden fence made for plants to crawl up on. To craft a trellis, you will need:

  • x15 Softwood
  • x3 Soil
  • x2 White & Pink Falling Penstemon

Softwood can be picked up from around trees in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow areas, and soil can be dug up from any grassy ground from the same areas. White & Pink Falling Penstemons can be picked up from the Plaza.

Step 3: Craft Burlap Bags

Three (3) Burlap Bags can be crafted from the following materials:

  • x30 Soil
  • x60 Fiber

Five (5) fiber can be made from a single seaweed which can be obtained from Dazzle Beach.

Step 4: Hand the materials over to WALL-E

Talk back to WALL-E to hand over all of the materials for the garden. Make sure that you have the needed seeds inside your inventory; the crafted furniture will be automatically taken from their respective inventory. WALL-E will then start to reconstruct the garden for you.

How to use WALL-E’s Garden

The Garden will be automatically tended to by WALL-E regardless of what role you have chosen for him; he does not necessarily have to be a gardener. Every once in a while, WALL-E will plant random crops on the open plots within the garden and they will always be in a watered state. The crops that will be planted are based from the areas in the valley that you have already unlocked.

Once all the crops have fully grown, you must then manually harvest them to allow WALL-E to plant new ones.

WALL-E’s Garden Upgrades

At the start, the garden will only have three holes in the ground where crops can be planted on. You can add more planting spots by using Scrooge’s signboard and paying him for the upgrade. Each upgrade will add three more planting spots and the upgrade price increases per completed upgrade.

  • 6 plots: 1,000 coins
  • 9 plots: 2,000 coins
  • 12 plots: 3,500 coins
  • 15 plots: 5,000 coins
  • 18 plots: 10,000 coins
  • 21 plots: 20,000 coins
  • 24 plots: 30,000 coins
  • 27 plots: 40,000 coins
  • 30 plots: 50,000 coins

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