Atomic Heart: How to Use Cartridge

How to equip cartridges in Atomic Heart?

With many enemy types to encounter, using Cartridges in Atomic Heart is one of the best ways to exploit their weaknesses. These elemental perks can boost your damage against certain enemy types and even inflict certain status ailments. Finding out how to use cartridges can turn combat into your favor.

How do you use cartridges in Atomic Heart? How do you get them? And how many different types of cartridge out there in the game?

How to use Cartridges Atomic Heart?

To use Cartridges, you have to go to a NORA vending machine and install a cartridge weapon upgrade on the gun of your choice. You can then open the radial wheel using the middle mouse button on PC or X/Square on consoles at any time to cycle through available cartridges to equip.

You’ll need to first need to have a gun with a blueprint upgrade for a Cartridge Module under Cartridge Gun. Get the upgrade for at least the basic level which unlocks the use of cartridges for that gun.

Once a cartridge is equipped, the normal fire of your weapon will now have the desired effect of that cartridge. The cartridge will eventually run out of fuel so you’ll need to learn to make more if you want to keep taking advantage of enemy weaknesses and status ailments. You can also upgrade the Cartridge Module further to decrease the consumption of cartridges.

How to get Cartridges Atomic Heart?

Cartridges in Atomic Heart can be crafted so long as you have the recipe and the required materials. You can find recipes by opening the chests scattered around the open world of the game.

You’ll definitely need the help of cartridges in Atomic Heart to survive in harder difficulties. So looking for recipes

Atomic Heart Cartridges Types

There are three cartridge types in Atomic Heart: Fire, Ice, and Electric. Each element is effective against a certain type of enemy which can be exploited for further damage.

For example, electric cartridges is usually very effective against machines which is the most common enemy encounter in Atomic Heart. However you’ll want to equip fire cartridges when dealing with mutants and infected humans as they’re more vulnerable to it. Ice cartridges will freeze enemies which is helpful for stopping fast moving foes.

That’s our How to use Cartridge Atomic Heart. We hope this guide helped give you an edge in combat.