Is Gotham Knights a Live Service Game?

Live service games have come to garnered a lot of stigma from the gaming community that it’s no surprise they’re concerned about Gotham Knights potentially being one. With how the game is geared towards multiplayer open world play with RPG elements, Gotham Knights seem like the standard formula for a live service game. But is it?

Is Gotham Knights a Live Service Game?

Gotham Knights is not a live service game. It doesn’t require internet connection to play nor has any microtransactions which are always present in live service games.

By nature, live service games constantly require internet connection due to how they work. They’re a model that encourages the use of purchasing in-game content using actual money. Gotham Knights can be played completely offline and alone. There’s confirmation in the official FAQ that there are no microtransactions present for this game.

Despite the fact that Gotham Knights at a glance seems so much like a live service title, it isn’t. Although you can collect gear and customize the four protagonists‘ appearance, there is no level gating and you’re free to explore Gotham City without having to worry about grinding for loot or levelling up.

Gotham Knights a Live Service Game

Even though Gotham Knights has been marketed as a multiplayer experience, you are able to patrol the streets of Gotham alone and take on villains like Harley Quinn, Mister Freeze, the Court of Owls, and others from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

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Even though Gotham Knights isn’t a live service game, you’ll have to prepare yourself to take on some tough villains who are tormenting Gotham City alongside the Court of Owls.