Is there a sex scene in Atomic Heart?

Does Atomic Heart have a 6-hour cutscene?

Atomic Heart robot twins featured

You horny bastards may be looking for a sex scene in Atomic Heart. Ever since the reveal of the very shapely and very feminine robot twins, players from all around have gathered around Atomic Heart in the hopes that our protagonist could possibly do something more with them than just watch them ballerina dance. Unbelievable rumors have surfaced online about a six-hour sex scene hidden somewhere in Atomic Heart.

So is there really any sexual content in the game or just another crazy rumor from the internet that Atomic Heart is the unfortunate topic of?

Is there a sex scene in Atomic Heart?

There isn’t any sex scene and certainly no six hour sexual content in Atomic Heart. For perverts like me who were looking forward to any mature content with the robot twins, you may now groan in disappointment.

We aren’t sure where the crazy rumors about a six hour cutscene came from, but that is definitely impossible. Atomic Heart barely has five hours worth of cutscenes in its average playthrough. Developers Mundfish wouldn’t be able to squeeze in that long amount of adult content which is an impressive feat in itself. To say nothing of Russia’s strict laws on pornography, Mundfish wouldn’t be able to sell Atomic Heart for most audiences let alone get their game in the Xbox Game Pass library.

Still it seems that the developers did anticipate this reception or even hoped for it. There’s dialogue in the game about a few characters curious if The Twins who are serving Dr. Sechenov are capable of doing more than just bodyguard work.

P-3 talking about sex scene in Atomic Heart

For those looking for human partners, there aren’t that many human women in the game. Everyone’s attention is on The Twins, who are named Left and Right, who are clearly made to resemble two beautiful women. Even P-3 admits to being attracted to them.

Everyone including myself had their fingers crossed for a sex scene in Atomic Heart involving these two. It’s hard to deny that machines as intimate companions for human beings is something that has been frequently explored in discussions in the past. Just use 2B from Nier Automata for a reference.

Funny enough, there is a dirty speaking robot in Atomic Heart. Nora, the vending machine where you get your upgrades for weapons and equipment, is a dirty talking robot full of innuendo. Though sadly not as shapely nor as feminine as The Twins.

That’s everything we know about the sex scene in Atomic Heart. We hope this put any rumors you’re curious about to rest.