Lost Ark – Mokoko Seeds Locations, Uses, and Rewards

A guide on how to find Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

mokoko seeds

Lost Ark has one major collectible quest where you will have to find Mokoko Seeds that are scattered all throughout the land of Arkesia. In doing so, you get to unlock rewards and the more seeds you find, the better the rewards will be.

Learn how to easily find these seeds throughout your journey with this guide.

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds - Lost Ark

Mokoko Seeds are precious seeds created in Tortoyk. It is said that Tortoyk the Giant sent Mokoko Seeds flying all across the world with a single sneeze. They look like large beans with sprouts on top. Once you see one, go near it and interact with it to get Mokoko Seeds points.

For the collectible quest, you have to find a total of 1,209 seeds all across Arkesia. It’s a tall order and will take quite some time to do, but achievable nonetheless.

How to Access the Mokoko Collectibles Window

To Access the Mokoko Collectibles Window, click on the Adventure menu (! icon) on the lower right corner of your screen and select Collectibles. Alternatively, you can also press Alt+L to do so.

From the Collectibles Window, you can see all the other kinds of collectibles there are, including the Mokoko Seeds. Click on the Mokoko Seeds section to see all the areas where Mokoko Seeds can be found, how many seeds are in those areas, as well as your progress.

Mokoko Seed Locations map - Lost Ark

Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seeds can be found anywhere that a player can reach, may it be in a town or in a wild area. Some of them can be found in seemingly unreachable areas, and you will have to find the hidden passageway first in order to reach them.

Mokoko Seed Locations – Prideholme

Once a seed has been found, an icon of the seed will show up on the map and minimap. You can disable the icon from the map menu. Here’s an example of all the 9 seeds that can be found in the starting town of Prideholme:

The star marker indicates the secret passageway inside the Prideholme Cathedral. - Lost Ark
The star marker indicates the secret passageway inside the Prideholme Cathedral.

We would love to list down the locations of all the Mokoko seeds, but that will take us ages to do. Luckily, there is a website that you can use to track down all the seeds there is which is papunika.com. Simply select a map where you want to find the seeds at and filter the Mokoko Seeds from the side menu.

How to Redeem Mokoko Seeds Rewards

You can redeem Mokoko Seeds Rewards once you have found a certain amount of seeds. The more seeds you find, the better the items that you can get, starting from a Rare Totoma Card, up until the Legendary Transformation: Mokoko Seed. To redeem the rewards you have to:

  1. Travel to Tortoyk Island.
  2. Go to Mokoko Village.
  3. Talk to village chief Totoma to redeem the rewards.
Tortoyk Island

Mokoko Seeds Rewards

RewardRarityMokoko Seeds Found
Totoma CardRare50
Kindness PotionEpic100
Stronghold Crew Application Form: ChicachicaUncommon150
Vitality Increase PotionEpic200
Crew Application Form: CocoricoRare250
Stat Increase PotionEpic300
Mokamoka CardEpic350
Paradise’s Knight LicenseLegendary400
15x Eurus BlueprintUncommon450
Stronghold Crew Application Form: MukomukoEpic500
3x Shy Wind Flower PollenLegendary550
20x Eurus BlueprintUncommon600
Crew Application Form: PoipoiEpic650
Title “Mokoko Hunter”Legendary700
Structure: Mokoko Seed MonumentLegendary750
Transform: Egg of CreationLegendary800
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind ParuruLegendary850
Wallpaper: Mokoko VillageRelic900
Masterpiece #32Epic950
Ship Skin: Blooming EurusEpic1000
Crew Application Form: NarinariLegendary1050
Title “Nice Smelling”Legendary1100
Masterpiece #44Epic1150
Transformation: Mokoko SeedLegendary1200
Mokoko Seeds Rewards

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