Lost Ark Thronespire Guide

A guide about the Thronespire in Lost Ark.

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The Thronespire is the newest single player mode added in Lost Ark. In Lost Ark Thronespire, players will have to go through different floors full of monsters that get tougher as you go, much like the Shadespire and the Fatespire.

Lost Ark Thronespire additional content is highly recommended to be cleared right away due to the amount of rewards such as upgrade materials and engraving recipes that will surely give a huge boost in character progression.

In this guide, we will be talking about how the Thronespire works and what kind of rewards can be obtained from it.

How Lost Ark Thronespire works

The Thronespire works similarly to both the Shadespire and the Fatespire where you have to go through a gauntlet of increasingly harder floors full of monsters and bosses, though there are several differences.

The main difference that sets Thronespire apart from the previous two towers is with how each floor is structured. Unlike with the other towers where you climb each floor to get to the next one, players can select a floor where they want to start from. They are then given 7 minutes to complete the entire floor which consists of four gates that are each guarded by mobs and by an elite monster.

At the very end of the four gates is the boss monster for that level. Killing this boss monster in time will complete the floor and end the challenge. Dying within a floor run will not end the challenge and the player can just revive after 5 seconds. The only fail condition is if the player exits or if the time runs out.

Another difference is that only floors 1-25 provide rewards, while floor 26-50 can still be completed, but it’s mainly for prestige and completion times.

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Lost Ark Thronespire Rewards

Thronespire rewards are mostly for Tier 3 character use. Most of the upgrade materials such as Guardian and Destruction Stone Crystals, Honor Leapstones, and Honor Shards are obtained in chests and pouches which can be sent over to an alternate character in the same roster. These rewards can only be obtained once per roster.

Because players can select which floor they can start off from, if the player successfully completes that floor, all the previous floors will be marked as complete and the player will get every reward from each of those floors right away. So it is possible to just run and complete floor 25 of Thronespire and collect all its rewards, provided that the character is strong enough to clear the floor in time.

  • Floor 1: x15 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
  • Floor 2: x20 Honor Leapstone Chest
  • Floor 3: x5 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
  • Floor 4: x15 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
  • Floor 5: x20 Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)
  • Floor 6: x45 Ancient Platinum Coin
  • Floor 7: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
  • Floor 8: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
  • Floor 9: x50 Ancient Platinum Coin
  • Floor 10: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
  • Floor 11: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
  • Floor 12: x5 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
  • Floor 13: x2 Metallurgy: Basic Welding
  • Floor 14: x10: Tailoring: Basic Mending
  • Floor 15: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
  • Floor 16: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
  • Floor 17: x20 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
  • Floor 18: x10 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
  • Floor 19: x25 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
  • Floor 20: x2 Metallurgy: Applied Welding
  • Floor 21: x10 Tailoring: Applied Mending
  • Floor 22: x2 Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • Floor 23: x6 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
  • Floor 24: x60 Ancient Platinum Coin
  • Floor 25: x30 Level 3 Gem Chest

As for the next levels up until the max level 50, you can still try and defeat these, however the purpose of clearing them is for prestige and clear times to get to the Thronespire leaderboards.

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