Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Kungelanium in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Kungelanium cover

Lost Ark Kungelanium is one of the newest bosses to get added in the game under the Guardian Raids, raising the challenge for these kinds of raids to a higher level. It is basically known as the Ice variant of Lava Chromanium who has now turned a full 180 and is using the frigid power of the cold to punish anyone who opposes it.

In this guide, we will look into Kungelanium’s attack patterns and share some tips and strategies that will help clear this raid.

How to prepare for Kungelanium Raid in Lost Ark

Being a Level 6 Guardian, you must first defeat the previous guardians and reach at least iLvl 1460 or higher in order to unlock Kungelanium.

How to beat Kungelanium in Lost Ark?

Most of Kungelanium’s attacks are similar to its fire counterpart, Lava Chromanium, except for a few changes on some attacks.

  • Kungelanium is weak against fire damage
  • Skills with Weak Point or Destruction Bombs
    • Switch out your skills with tripods that provide a Weak Point buff. You should focus on dishing out all your Weak Point skills and throw all your Destruction Bombs at the first part of the phase to immediately break its shell, lower its defenses, and double down on the early stagger.
  • Stagger Skills
    • Kungelanium can sometimes stand in place as it tries to recover from a heavy or chain attack, or it can also charge up for a charge attack. Throw all your stagger skills at this point to stagger it down.

Kungelanium Blizzard Blast/Ice Geyser Mechanic

This mechanic is similar to Tytalos where you will have to intentionally freeze yourself using an Ice Geyser in order to survive Kungelanium’s Blizzard Blast. Ice Geysers will start appearing by the end of Phase 2, but only stand on top of them once Kungelanium starts to charge up for the Blizzard Blast, which can be seen when the screen starts frosting and ice shows up on the edges.

Kungelanium Freeze Mechanic

There will be circles of swirling freezing air on the ground that will linger for a while. These spots and some of Kungelanium’s icy attacks will cause stacks of Freeze to accumulate on you. Once the maximum stack is reached, you will explode with a frozen aura, sending out freeze stacks to allies that get hit.


Lava Chromanium Phases, Attacks, and Tactics

Kungelanium has three main phases, with each phase having attacks that hit harder than the previous ones.

Phase 1 Attacks

Here are the attacks that Kungelanium will do in Phase 1:

  • Body Slam – Kungelanium can either rear upwards to do a front body slam, or raise its sides to do side body slams. It can also do a backwards jump at the latter phases. Make sure to look out for the tell and avoid being close when this happens.
  • Charge – It will glow blue and charge towards the direction it is facing. You can do your counter skills while it is glowing blue to stop it from charging.
  • Ice Breath – It shoots out frosty breath in a cone and can do this twice in succession. Be careful not to stay long in front of it. Dodge towards its sides to avoid the cone.
  • Ice Orb – It will shoot out a single ice orb from its shell and land on the ground. The closest player to where it lands will be followed around for a few moments. Try not to get close to your teammates if you or they are being chased by the orb.

Phase 2 Attacks

Kungelanium’s Phase 2 starts when it shell breaks and it retreats to a different spot on the map. Here are its additional attacks on Phase 2:

  • Icicle Barrage – Kungelanium burrows half of its body under the ground and shoots out icicles from its shell. The icicles will fall on random spots around it. Pay attention to the ground where you will see where icicles will land and dodge accordingly.
  • Icicle Cage – It charges up and shoots a ball of ice from its shell. Huge icicles will start forming around it like a cage, trapping everyone inside. This is followed up by more falling icicles within the cage. Avoid the falling icicles and break the cage to get out of it and avoid the final icy blast.
  • Snowflake Slam – It will jump in place twice, sending out shockwaves in the shape of a snowflake. You can stay in between the shockwaves for both jumps.
  • Blizzard Blast – It will start charging for its ultimate freezing attack. Get on top of an ice geyser to freeze yourself before the final blast.

Phase 3 Attacks

Kungelanium’s Phase 3 starts after its first Blizzard Blast. It will then retreat to a new location. Here is its additional attack on Phase 3:

  • Icy Body Slam – It’s the upgraded version of its body slam where chunks of ice fall down on random spots every time Kungelanium slams the ground. Sometimes, Kungelanium might leap forward instead of just slamming in place. Concentrate on avoiding the falling ice during this attack and then continue with the DPS once it’s clear.

Kungelanium Rewards

After defeating Kungelanium, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Radiant Inquirer Accessory Chest
    • Radiant Destroyer Earrings
    • Radiant Destroyer Ring
    • Radiant Inquirer Earrings
    • Radiant Inquirer Necklace
    • Radiant Inquirer Ring
  • Crystallized Destruction Stone
  • Crystallized Guardian Stone
  • Elegant Stone of Soaring
  • Great Honor Leapstone (Bound)
  • Kungelanium Card
  • Legendary Galewind Skill Rune

Kungelanium Guardian Raid Tips

  • Bring the essential battle items such as HP potions, Destruction Bombs, Frost Grenades and Flares.
  • Learn how to place a marker on a nearby ice geyser whenever a Blizzard Blast is about to happen.
  • Use Flares to easily spot where it moves, especially when moving to another phase.
  • Use your Destruction Bombs and Weak Point skills to break its shell as soon as possible to maximize your party’s DPS output.
  • In order to combat the Kungelanium’s heavy armor, we recommend including a Gunslinger or an Artillerist on your party who want to specialize in armor reduction debuffs in order to make the fight more manageable.
Defeated Kungelanium

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