Lost Ark Where to Get the Solar Tree Sprout Guide

A guide on where to find the Solar Tree Sprout in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Solar Tree Sprout cover

The Lost Ark Solar Tree Sprout is a special ingredient that is needed for a collectible food item in the game. This ingredient only grows in a particular spot in within the entire world of Arkesia, and those who want to complete their Adventurer’s Tome should know where to find it.

In this guide, we will talke about where to find the Solar Tree Sprout and how to use it.

Where to Get the Solar Tree Sprout?

The Solar Tree Sprout can only be found near some bushes in Wind Road, north of the Regria Monastery in Rethramis Border, Rethramis.

Head to the Rethramis Border

Unlocking the Rethramis Border is part of the early story quests for Rethramis.

Head to the Wind Road

The Wind Road is north of the Regria Monastery and can be accessed via the Graveyard or the Monastery Orchards.

Go between the windmill and the blocked bridge

Locate the windmill next to the blocked off suspension bridge, and in the middle of them is a spot that you can investigate.

Investigate the bushes behind the windmill

Doing so will reward you with a Solar Tree Sprout.

What is the Solar Tree Sprout used for?

The Solar Tree Sprout is used for making the Solar Tree Sprout Cider. This can be made by going to any cook NPC in any city then by selecting the recipe from the Adventurer’s Tome Specialties and it costs 900 silver to make. The cider only requires one sprout and only one cider is needed to complete the Rethramis Chapter of the Adventurer’s Tome.

Note: Although the Rethramis Chapter says it requires the Dawntree Sprout Cider, using a Solar Tree Sprout Cider will still complete the entry. The discrepancy between the names is still present at the time of this writing.

Adventurer’s Tome Rethramis Completion Rewards

Here are the rewards that you will get as you fill up your Adventurer’s Tome chapter for the region of Rethramis:

Completion Rate



10x Phoenix Plume


30x HP Potion


Surprise Chest


Prideholme Neria Card


Charisma Potion


Stat Increase Potion


Emote: Bored


Gustaven's Holy Water


Structure: Rethramis Lion Statue


Ignea Token: Rethramis

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