How to Craft Lost Ark Ether Essence Guide

A guide on how to get the Ether Essence in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Ether Essence

The Lost Ark Ether Essence is one of the collectible food dishes that players can make in the game. This particular item is not really something a player can consume similar to potions and other food items, but rather players need to make it to complete their Adventurer’s Tome.

In this guide, we will talk about what are the steps to create the Ether Essence.

How to Craft the Ether Essence in Lost Ark?

To craft the Ether Essence, you will need to get a Magical Fermentation Boost and an Azure Energy Concentrate and cook them together. To get these ingredients, simply follow the steps below:

Complete the Wailing Wind World Quest

The Wailing Wind quest is part of the Rohendel World Quests. This quest will have you clear a dungeon. The dungeon itself is straightforward and can be cleared within 20-25 minutes. Completing the Wailing Wind quest will unlock an Una’s Task needed to get an ingredient.

Complete the Mischievous Fairy task from the Daily Una’s Tasks

This task has to be completed 15 times to fill up the the reputation bar for the task in order to get the Magical Fermentation Boost as its reward. Since the task can only be done once a day, you will have to work on this task for 15 days, not necessarily consecutively.

To start this quest, open Una’s Task (Alt + J) and accept the Mischievous Fairy task. In this task, you will have to find three fairies. You will then have to travel to Dandelion Hill in Breezesome Brae, Rohendel.

Go to the spots with the green markers on the minimap to find the Fairy’s Hiding Place and inspect them. You may or may not find a fairy in the spot, so you can go to the other marked spots. The checked spots will respawn after a few moments so you won’t have to move all around the area.

Complete the Mischievous Fairy task from the Daily Una's Tasks - How to Craft the Ether Essence in Lost Ark

Once you find three fairies, talk to Mien at the Fairy Village just northeast of Dandelion Hill and you will complete the task. You will also get 10 reputation points that will count towards your Una’s Task reputation bar for this particular task. After filling up the bar and reaching level 2 reputation, you will receive the Magical Fermentation Boost and 26,000 silver.

Purchase the Azure Energy Concentrate from Eiza - How to Craft the Ether Essence in Lost Ark

Purchase the Azure Energy Concentrate from Eiza

Travel back to Rothun in Rohendel and go to Cooking Ingredient Merchant Eiza who is located at the southwest corner of the city. You can then purchase the Azure Energy Concentrate from her for 205,000 silver.

Cook the Magical Fermentation Boost and Azure Energy Concentrate

Head to Cook Ailara who is just across Eiza. Then, under Adventurer’s Tome Specialties, select the recipe for the Ether Essence. Cook the dish for an additional 3,100 silver and you will receive the Ether Essence.

What is the Ether Essence used for in Lost Ark?

The Ether Essence is purely a collectible needed to complete the Rohendel chapter of the Adventurer’s Tome. It only needs to be crafted and used once per account as the progress in the Adventurer’s Tome is roster-wide.

What the Ether Essence is used for in Lost Ark
Adventurer’s Tome Rohendel Completion Rewards

Here are the rewards that you will get as you fill up your Adventurer’s Tome chapter for the region of Rohendel:

Completion Rate



20x Phoenix Plume


Wisdom Potion


Sylvain Queens' Blessing


Masterpiece #30


Legendary Secret Map


Song of Eternity


Skill Point Potion


Silver Wave Merchant Guild's Invitation


Structure: Enviska Statue


Ignea Token: Rohendel

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