How to Beat the Bedrock Boss in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

A Giant Cube Monster blocks your path in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and the way to defeat such monster is here


Bedrock will be the 3rd boss that players will encounter in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and looks like a giant Cubix ready to explode. Similar to the 1st boss, Giant Windclaw, this boss specializes in close range and hits harder than any order boss. In this guide, tips and pointers will be given to players to teach them how to overcome this obstacle.

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope – Bedrock

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Bedrock

Bedrock is a giant cube monster and is incredibly strong. This creature can viciously stomp opponents and then leaps out of each. Like the giant Windclaw, it becomes highly enraged when it is hit badly and will pursue its assailant. It is highly resistant to burn attacks and can destroy covers that heroes use for shielding themselves from enemy attacks.

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Bedrock: How To Defeat It?

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Bedrock: How To Defeat It Browser
Browser 1st Appearance in the Game

A new character will join Mario and Rabbids and is one of the most unexpected allies Mario will have and that character is Browser. He will be part of the team set up and he is very strong as a tank-type hero.

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Bedrock: How To Defeat It Map
Map of the Bedrock Battle

For the other party members that need to be part of the team, focus on healing-type heroes and longe range-types who have high mobility since the strategy required to lure Bedrock into a trap in order to defeat it. Characters like Luigi, Rabbid Rosalina, Rabbid Peach, and Mario will be needed to be sure of success as strong DPS, healing, and mobility buffs are required.

When the battle starts, players will need to remember the following points to defeat the Bedrock:

  • The objective of this mission is to defeat Bedrock by luring it into traps. There are a total of 4 explosive traps around the map and when they are activated, not only do they do massive damage, they will help players find a perfect opportunity to counter-attack from a distance.
  • Use Glitter Spark in battle in order causes all enemies in range to move toward the user in order to lure Bedrock to the explosive traps.
  • Use Mario’s dual pistols to attract Bedrock and any surrounding enemies near our party and use also Browser’s attacks such as Mechakoopas and bazookas to deal with the groups of Goombas.
  • Use Team Jump to extend the distance from Bedrock and let the Glitter spark recharge after being used. Use also nearby jump pads to take out pesky sniping enemies.
  • Make sure to clear the pathway of enemies and throughout the map. Most of the enemies that will be found on the map are Depleters and Stooges that are hiding nearby. Use Swiftly Dash to quickly defeat them and overcome hard obstacles.
  • When all 4 traps are activated, Bedrock will be defeated and Browser will be part of your team permanently.

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