Minecraft Legends Multiplayer PvP Explained

How to play the Minecraft Legends PvP multiplayer?

Minecraft Legends multiplayer PvP featured

Aside from teaming up with friends, Minecraft Legends multiplayer allows you to go toe-to-toe against other teams in PvP combat. This action-strategy game offers a lot of content for those seeking to test their skills against other teams. You better be ready, coordinate with your squad, and know how to grab the best mobs for your army if you want to win.

Read on, and we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Minecraft Legends multiplayer PvP.

What is Minecraft Legends Multiplayer PvP?

Minecraft Legends multiplayer PvP puts you into an eight player arena split between four teams. You’ll have to grow your own army and take down the enemy team’s base while protecting your own.

Like vanilla Minecraft, Legends has you compete with other players in a procedurally generated map. This means that no two stages will ever be alike, so you’ll have to consider the surrounding environment before you pick who to recruit to your army. The same goes for building your base and its defensive structures, as there could be many places that will leave an opening.

Building Defensive Structures in Minecraft Legends Multiplayer PvP

Of course, before you can build any defenses in Minecraft Legends multiplayer PvP, you’ll have to first gather resources. You’ll be rushing to get as many as possible in the early stages of the game, as building defensive structures will be the deciding factor on whether you can even last. Thankfully, the task of gathering resources isn’t as tedious as in the vanilla version because you can set down items that automate the task for you.

Speaking of defensive structures, you have a variety to choose from, ranging from walls that prevent mobs from entering until they’re broken down to towers that attack mobs that go into their range. What’s really important, though, is building the spawners that dish out mobs, which you can recruit to follow you around.

Attacking Enemy Bases in Minecraft Legends Multiplayer PvP

You’ll get a notification every time your structures are under attack, so you won’t be caught off guard if your base is being raided by the enemy team. The map is fairly large, so you and your team can be spread thin if you’re not careful. It’s best to split the roles between your parties. If you’re planning on going on the offensive, at least one player should remain in the base to protect your main tower and keep building defensive structures.

Once you are attacking, you’ll be able to direct your army to attack in a certain way and regroup when need be. You’ll have to be discreet about which command you want to give to your army to secure victory.

That’s the Minecraft Legends multiplayer PvP explained. We hope this guide was informative.

Check out this Youtube video from fWhip showing you the Minecraft Legends PvP multiplayer.

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