Minecraft Legends Voice Actors and Cast List

Meet the voice actors for the Minecraft Legends cast.

Minecraft Legends voice actors and cast

This guide will show you who the Minecraft Legends voice actors are. Although a lot of the dialogue in the vanilla game can be considered gibberish, Minecraft Legends utilizes actual voice acting to deliver what’s happening to the player. This isn’t the first time they’ve done so if you remember Story Mode, but let’s see who the voice actors are in Minecraft Legends.

Read on, and we’ll list down the names behind all the Minecraft Legends voice actors and characters below, along with other works that you may remember them from.

Minecraft Legends Voice Actors and Cast List

  • Scarlet Grace as Action
  • Pamela Nomvete as Foresight
  • Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell as Knowledge
  • Dino Andrade as Blaze Runt and Mace Runt
  • Kellen Golf as The Seeker, The Beast, and The Pigmadillo
  • Bork Powell as The Great Hog
  • Erin Rubin as The Devourer and Sporeback
  • Cristine Vee as The Seer and Lava Launcher
  • Rick Zieff as Portal Guard and The Unbreakable
The Hosts - Minecraft Legends Voice Actors and Cast List

The Minecraft Legends voice actors can be placed into two separate categories. They’re either the heroic hosts who task you with defending the land or the villainous Piglin who have come to invade the utopia everyone is staying on.

The moment you start up the campaign, you’re greeted by the three hosts, who give you a tutorial on how the game works. There’s Action, who’s a large friendly stone golem voiced by Scarlet Grace. There’s Foresight, a tall, four-eyed creature, voiced by Pamela Nomvete. And then there’s Knowledge, a short blue creature with a leather helm, who is voiced by Elroy Powell.

The rest of the Minecraft Legends voice actors are playing as the Pigmin. They’re the main antagonists of the game; however, like the mobs, pretty much all of what they say is nonsensical growls and grunts that are meant to make them look more barbaric.

Who Voices Knowledge in Minecraft Legends

Who Voices Knowledge in Minecraft Legends?

Elroy Powell is the voice of Knowledge in Minecraft Legends. Better known by his stage name, Spoonface, he has previously voiced characters from other video games, such as Jack Matt from Dying Light 2: Become Human and Magnus from Artifact.

As a Host in Minecraft Legends, Elroy is one of the only real voices in the game that speaks coherently. The reason why is because Knowledge also directs many of the quests that the player does in the campaign.

That’s the complete list of Minecraft Legends voice actors and cast so far. For more news, guides, and features about the game, feel free to check out our other Minecraft Legends articles here.

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