Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons (2022)

A look into some of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

monster hunter rise weapons

One of Monster Hunter Rise’s key selling points is its plethora of weapons and weapon types that hunters can use and learn to master. With the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, and if you’re a fledgling hunter and don’t really know which one to go for, it can get quite overwhelming.

But don’t you worry because we’ve listed down the best weapons to get in Monster Hunter Rise.

The word “best” is a bit loosely used in this list since we’re looking at a couple of factors, and we’ll also list a couple of weapons per type so that everyone’s covered.

Best Sword and Shields – Monster Hunter Rise

Queen Rapier - Monster Hunter Rise

Queen Rapier

The Queen Rapier can get the monster poisoned in no time with its 220 raw attack and 28 poison.

Flash in the Night - Monster Hunter Rise

Flash in the Night

The Flash in the Night has white sharpness, 30% affinity, and a lv.2 slot, which makes it the best SnS for crit builds.

Best Dual Blades – Monster Hunter Rise

Twin Nail I Fire and Ice - Monster Hunter Rise

Fire and Ice

The Twin Nails I a.k.a Fire and Ice is a dual blade can deal both elemental damage with its ice element and abnormal stat with blast.

Night Wings - Monster Hunter Rise

Night Wings

Being from the Nargacuga tree, the Night Wings also possesses a very high 40% affinity, plus a white sharpness and a lv.2 slot. Recommended if you want crits upon crits.

Best Great Swords – Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Shadowblade - Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Shadowblade

The Sinister Shadowblade not only does it have 200 attack, some good amount of blue sharpness, 25 blast, and 2-1 slots, it also looks badass.

Great Demon Rod - Monster Hunter Rise

Great Demon Rod

More like a club than a sword, the Great Demon Rod has 210 attack, 26 thunder, 10% affinity, and a lv.3 slot.

Best Long Sword – Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura's Inheritance - Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura’s Inheritance

The Kamura’s Inheritance is mostly an endgame LS, however it’s well worth the effort to forge it for its 190 attack, white, sharpness, 15 fire, 40% affinity, and a lv.3 slot.

Phantom Mirage

The Phantom Mirage is a versatile LS a 220 attack, 10 defense bonus, 15% affinity, and a 2-1-1 slot.

Best Hammer – Monster Hunter Rise

Despot's Crackle - Monster Hunter Rise

Despot’s Crackle

With a good 210 attack, white sharpness, 33 thunder, and 1-1 slots, the Despot’s Crackle is one that can fare well in hunts.

Night Eternal - Monster Hunter Rise

Night Eternal

Another weapon from the Nargacuga tree, the white sharpness and 45% affinity is just hard to pass up.

Best Hunting Horn – Monster Hunter Rise

Cry in the Night - Monster Hunter Rise

Cry in the Night

A hunting horn with very offensive buff songs such as Attack Up, Affinity Up, and Stamina Recovery Up

Rampage Agitato S - Monster Hunter Rise

Rampage Agitato S

Rampage weapons arguably are one of the best weapons in the game and would definitely take up slots in this list, which is why they’re no longer included except for the Agitato S. You wouldn’t have any problems running out of healing potions with its Health Recovery S, plus it has Earplugs S, and Sonic Wave

Best Lance – Monster Hunter Rise

Gigadrill Lance - Monster Hunter Rise

Gigadrill Lance

A very well-rounded lance with 2-1-1 slot for a larger gemming combo.

Sabertooth - Monster Hunter Rise


The Sabertooth may be low on attack, but it has white sharpness plus 40% affinity, and a 2-1 slot.

Best Gunlance – Monster Hunter Rise

Araknalance - Monster Hunter Rise


The Araknalance has quite a sizeable chunk of white sharpness, plus it has 25% affinity, 2-1-1 slots, and has a lv.5 Normal shelling level.

Diablos Cannon - Monster Hunter Rise

Diablos Cannon

It has one of the strongest raw damage at 250 attack, a 10 defense bonus, and the -10% affinity is not much of a set back.

Best Switch Axe – Monster Hunter Rise

Undying Light - Monster Hunter Rise

Undying Light

The Undying Light boasts a high 220 attack, 15% affinity, and a lv.3 slot so that you can definitely deal a high DPS with this weapon.

Sinister Shadowslice - Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Shadowslice

This switch axe has some good amount of damage at 200 attack, 2-1 slots, and 23 blast for some added explosion damage.

Best Charge Blade – Monster Hunter Rise

Araknablade - Monster Hunter Rise


The Araknablade is also a strong contender when it comes to sharpness, plus 30% affinity, and a 2-1-1 slot.

Ikaji Immortal - Monster Hunter Rise

Ikaji Immortal

The Ikaji Immortal has one of the highest damage for charge blades at 240 attack, so the discharges pack more oomph.

Best Insect Glaives – Monster Hunter Rise

Abyssal Storm Glaive - Monster Hunter Rise

Abyssal Storm Glaive

This IG is one of the few that can allow Kinsects to be at level 8. It also has 180 attack, white sharpness, and 38 thunder.

Magia Crescent - Monster Hunter Rise

Magia Crescent

Another IG that allows Kinsects to reach level 8. It has 190 attack, 33 blast, 5 bonus defense and 3 lv.1 slots.

Best Light Bow Guns – Monster Hunter Rise

Araknabolt - Monster Hunter Rise


An all-around LBG with 35% affinity, no deviation, and 2-1-1 slots. Its standard ammos are Normal and Pierce.

Sinister Shadow Bolt - Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Shadow Bolt

This LBG focuses on constant damage with its fast reload time and vast array of ammo. It also had 2-1 slots, but has a high recoil and mild deviation.

Best Heavy Bow Guns – Monster Hunter Rise

Baleful Night - Monster Hunter Rise

Baleful Night

An HBG that deals quick succession of critical hits, it has no deviation and only some recoil.

Thorn Cannon - Monster Hunter Rise

Thorn Cannon

An HBG with a hefty damage at 200 attack, plus 20% affinity. It has a fast reload, no deviation, and an average recoil. It also has a lv.2 slot.

Best Bows – Monster Hunter Rise

Night Flight - Monster Hunter Rise

Night Flight

The Nargacuga weapons are just really good. This bow has a high 210 attack, 40% affinity, plus its pierce shot can go up until Level 5 when gemmed.

Heaven's Manna - Monster Hunter Rise

Heaven’s Manna

This bow also has 210 attach, 15 water, 10% affinity and a lv.1 slot, plus its charged rapid shot can go up until Level 5 when gemmed. Useful for precision parts breaking.

Those are just a fraction of the weapons that are available in Monster Hunter Rise. There are plenty more to forge and master for several different play styles. Of course, it also takes skill and proper preparation to rise out victorious in your hunts, but we hope that we gave you an idea which weapons to go for.

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