Nightingale: How Automatons Tick Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the "How Automatons Tick" quest in Nightingale

Nightingale How Automatons Tick cover

How Automatons Tick is one of the optional side quests in Nightingale where Victor needs to gather more information about the Automatons and what they are about. This is the second part of the quest chain for the peaceful route in obtaining the Automaton Charm Oil for the Gateway to the Watch quest. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the How Automatons Tick quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock the “How Automatons Tick” quest

How to unlock the How Automatons Tick quest - Nightingale How Automatons Tick Quest Walkthrough

The How Automatons Tick quest becomes available shortly after completing the Imitations of Life quest from Victor Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein can be found on his tower within the Desert Astrolabe realm. Partaking in this quest is optional, but completing it will give out additional rewards, plus it leads to the quest that unlocks The Doctor is Out Achievement.

Gather Automaton Rook Research Samples

Victor will ask you to gather some materials from Automaton Rooks. The Automaton Rooks that you need to find can be encountered in any T1 Desert realm, so you will be able to find them within the same Desert Astrolabe realm. Automaton Rooks are the ones with the rounded heads.

You will need to collect:

  • x5 Mechanical Gears (Tier 1 Automaton Rook)
  • x5 Raw Gem (Tier 1 Automaton Rook)
Automatons - Nightingale How Automatons Tick Quest Walkthrough

In case the Automatons that you see spawn with a Bishop, you can still engage with them, kill the Bishop, and actually acquire the Automaton Charm Oil right away. Getting the oil will not cancel this quest and you can still deliver the Automaton Parts to Victor. Also, you can still find another Automaton Bishop out in the desert to give the offering later on.

Once you have handed the parts over to Victor, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • x1 Ingot (Tier 1 Automaton Bishop)
  • x3 Slight Healing Potion
  • x1 Hunter Card
  • x1 Enchantment (Shockwave)
  • x2 Slyphic Infusion (Encumbrance)
  • x3 Ingot (Iron)
  • x6 Alchemical Ink (Zinc)

Continue talking to Victor to get the next quest, Gift for a Gardener.