Outriders Worldslayer Ascension System (Explained)

Outriders Worldslayer Ascension System (Exlpained)

Ascension system is a new feature in the Outriders Worldslayer Expansion that gives players new ways to enhance their favorite classes. Combine it with the new PAX Tree system to further customize characters and builds for endgame content.

As such, this article will provide a rundown on the new Ascension progression system and how it works.

What is The Ascension System in Outriders Worldslayer?

In the new Outriders Worldslayer expansion, the Ascension system is a new endgame leveling feature that becomes available once you reach level 30. This gives you the opportunity to spend your XP on making adjustments to your build.

Additionally, you’ll collect Ascension points by defeating enemies and completing activities as you progress through the game.

What are Ascension Points in Outriders Worldslayer?

Ascension Points are earned after reaching level 30, and all XP gained goes toward increasing your Ascension Rank. Each time the experience gauge is filled up, you will receive one point toward your Ascension total.

Each rank of Ascension gives you one point to use. The Ascension section in the Class tab has 20 passives you can invest into, ranging from enhanced Anomaly Power to larger weapon magazine sizes.

How to Reset Ascension Points in Outriders Worldslayer?

Simply open up the Ascension system in the Class menu and respec your points. Once you’ve selected the skill you wish to reset, you’ll be given the option to do so.

After you respec, you will receive your Ascension Points back, and will be able to invest them in another passive of your choice right away.

Outriders Worldslayer Ascension Passives

Outriders Worldslayer Ascension Passives

For the first few levels, each Ascension Passive provides a minor bonus, which increases significantly in the final stages of the game. Many Ascension Passives share a scaling system, so no matter which passive skill you choose, you won’t miss out on additional points.

There are five Ascension Passives that can be leveled up a maximum of 10 times for every attribute in the game. Consequently, 200 Ascension Points are needed to reach the maximum level of all categories.

There are four types of passives, which are as follows:

  • Anomaly
  • Brutality
  • Endurance
  • Prowess


Anomaly Passives - Outriders Worldslayer
  • Anomaly Power – Increases Anomaly Power by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Resistance Pierce – Increases Resistance Piercing 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Skill Leech – Increases Skill Leech by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Status Power – Increases Status Power by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Anomaly Damage – Increases Status Power by 0.5%. Max 10%.


Brutality Passives - Outriders Worldslayer
  • Armor Pierce – Increases Armor Pierce by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Close Range Damage – Increases Close Range Damage by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Long Range Damage – Increases Long Range Damage by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Weapon Damage – Increases Weapon Damage by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Weapon Leech – Increases Weapon Leech by 0.5%. Max 5.5%.


Endurance Passives - Outriders Worldslayer
  • Health – Increases Max Health by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Armor – Increases Armor by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Healing Received – Increases Healing Received by 0.1%. Max 5.5%.
  • Elite Damage Mitigation – Increases Elite Damage Mitigation by 0.5%. Max 5.5%.
  • Resistance – Increases Resistance by 0.5%. Max 10%.


Prowess Passives - Outriders Worldslayer
  • Cooldown Reduction – Increases Cooldown Reduction by 0.1%. Max 5.5%.
  • Critical Chance – Increases Critical Chance by 0.1%. Max 5.5%.
  • Critical Damage – Increases Critical Damage by 0.5%. Max 10%.
  • Damage Against Elites – Increases Elite Bonus Damage by 0.1%. Max 5.5%.
  • Magazine Size – Increases Magazine Size by 1%. Max 25%.

Any passive you choose to spend your points in is fine; you don’t have to evenly split your points in each category or anything of the type. In all other sense, passives can be stacked on top of other sources of the same stat for maximum effect. Even if your character now has a 90% Anomaly Power boost and gains 10% using this system, that percentage will rise to 100%.

That’s our guide on the Outriders Worldslayer Ascension System. To stay up to date on the newest Outriders Worldslayer news, guides, and features, you can check out our related Outriders Worldslayer Articles here.

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