Payday 3: How to get the Vault Code in Rock The Cradle Heist

Learn how to get the Vault Code in Rock the Cradle Heist for Payday 3 with the help of this guide.

Payday 3 How to Get the Rock the Cradle Vault Code featured

Even though your primary objective is the crypto wallet in Rock the Cradle of Payday 3, you can get a bigger haul by inputting in the vault code and stealing the physical money. Unlike the primary objective, getting inside the Neon Cradle nightclub vault is entirely optional, so you don’t get any objective markers for it. So there are no directions for how to get the vault code.

In this guide, I’ll help you get the Rock the Cradle vault code for Payday 3 so you can steal the cold, hard cash hidden in the Neon Cradle nightclub.

How to Get the Vault Code in Rock the Cradle

The Rock the Cradle vault code can be found through the notes scattered in the accounting office located within the VIP section of the club. There are three codes, which are on the chair behind the desk, inside the locked safe, and in the small storage area. One of these is the club vault code.

Like the vault code for the SCB Bank, the Accounting Office contains multiple codes, but you’ll only need one code to use for the Neon Cradle vault. The first time you’ll likely get information about where the club vault code is stored is in Rifki’s office, where you get the VIP passes by reading her emails. Shade will contact you to look for the code in the accountant’s office.

Even after reading the codes scattered around the accounting office, they won’t be displayed on your screen. So you’ll either have to memorize them or write them down. You can also type the codes in the chat box so you can read them later.

Neon Cradle Nightclub Accounting Office

Payday 3 can randomize many aspects of the heist, like the vault code locations, so the codes will be different each time. However, you’ll always find the club vault code for the Rock the Cradle heist in the accounting office below the VIP club. Your biggest problem is getting the VIP passes to let the bouncer let you in. Failing that, you’ll have to steal the blue keycard on the bouncer.

Where to Find the Rock the Cradle Vault

The Rock the Cradle vault can be found in the maintenance room. Go back down the stairs to where the bar area is and look for the door to the maintenance room on the sides. Lockpick the door to get inside the room and find the vault.

You can also get inside by entering the bathroom and unscrewing the ventilation shaft. Once inside, you can input the club vault code that you found. Look at the keypad, and your UV light should turn on, indicating which numbers have been pressed. Compare this to the codes you got from the accountant’s office and input the one that fits. This will open the vault, so you can steal money inside and get a bigger haul once you extract.

Rock the Cradle Vault

The Cradle Club vault is optional on the emphasized stealth playthrough of Rock the Cradle Heist. But if you alarm the police before you steal the crypto wallet, then you’ll eventually be required to steal the money in the vault since the crypto wallet gets wiped.