Pokemon Scarlet and Violet History Answers (midterm & finals)

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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet introduces a new feature where players can take history classes. Not only does this give us a Nostalgic feeling, but it also teaches players more about the game’s chronicle and mechanics. With History classes in mind, expect to have exams as well, but don’t fret. This guide will list down all the correct Midterm and Finals History Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so read on.

History Classes: What Are They?

In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, players can attend school classes as part of attending the academy. Among all the classes found in the game is the History Class, and taking lessons under it will increase all knowledge about the Paldean Region. This provides certain rewards that will be fruitful for players as they explore the game.

History Classes: What Are They? - Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

All History Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There will be two tests or exams that players will take on and as stated above, if players manage to get all the test answers correctly, they will obtain rewards that will greatly assist players for their travels in the Paldean Region.

Midterm Exam

  1. What is the name of the geological formation in the center of the Paldea region?
    • Answer: The Great Crater of Paldea
  2. What was long believed to rest in the depths of Area Zero?
    • Answer: Treasure
  3. How many years ago did the Paldean Empire begin to rule this region?
    • Answer: Approximately 2,000 years ago
  4. How many years ago was this academy built?
    • Answer: 805 years ago
  5. Those seeking _______ need look no further than the oranges of Paldea.
    • Answer: Knowledge

Finals Exam

  1. What is the area within the Great Crater of Paldea called?
    • Answer: Area Zero
  2. How many years ago was this academy founded?
    • Answer: 805 years ago
  3. Which of these did not appear in the Paldean fairytale about the four treasures?
    • Answer: A folding fan
  4. Which Area Zero Expedition member wrote the record of the team’s activities?
    • Answer: Heath
  5. How many years ago did Professor Sada invent Tera Orbs?
    • Answer: 10 years ago
History Exam And Classes Rewards - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
History Exam and Classes Rewards

Once the players have taken the tests and studies, they will receive the rewards such as a chance to their respective professors and get to know them more and also earn  Exp. Candy from passing the Midterm and Final exams which can be used to raise the level of their Pokemons.

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