Ready or Not: Missions List in Order

Ready or Not missions list

The 1.0 launch of Ready or Not includes a full campaign with many missions to undertake. Each mission takes place within its own unique map, scenario, and objectives. As SWAT commander, your job is to ensure that you make split-second decisions that will ultimately lead to the best outcome.

In this guide, I’ll show you all the missions you’ll undertake in Ready or Not, where they take place, their scenarios, and what time you start them.

All Missions in Ready or Not

These are all the missions in Ready or Not arranged in order:




Time of Day

Seizing a moment of opportunity, a posse of delinquent young adults execute their plan in order to support a crippling addiction.

4U Gas Station

2300 Military Time (11:00 PM)

Michael Williams has killed his mother and taken his younger brother hostage. LSPD has been tasked with responding. Move quickly.

San Uriel Condominiums

1030 Military Time (10:30 AM)

The detectives have been following a new lead to locate a key source of methamphetamine storage in Los Suenos, tracing a potential "affordable housing" development in 213 Park.

213 Park Homes

0330 Military Time (03:30 AM)

Seized data-center assets point to the owner operating in one of the poorest neighborhoods: The Row. SWAT have been deployed to serve a search warrant on the Brixley Talent Time to assit with the investigations into an illicit pornography ring.

Brixley Talent Time

1325 Military Time (01:25 PM)

A former USIA analyst has a warrant for his arrest over the suspected murder of five police officers in Makade County, Greater Los Santos.

Sullivan's Slope

1425 Military Time (02:25 PM)

A group calling themselves the "Left Behind" are taking matters into their own hands by attempting to kill a politician responsible for a budget cut proposal to the already under-supported VAMC in Los Santos.

Brisa Cove

1100 Military Time (11:00 AM)

Sinous Trail

A data-storage facility run by @Mindjot. Scrubbed IP's from conent found in the residence of a now-convicted pedophile led to the distribution source of explicit child pornography.

Mindjot Data Center

2000 Military Time (08:00 PM)

Ends of the Earth

LSPD have been tipped off that a coastal home is harboring a family responsible for the modification of weaponry, making semi-automatic weapons able to be switched to fully automatic. They also sell weapons here.

Kawaya Beach

1425 Military Time (02:25 PM)

Greased Palms

Suspected of importing weaponry for the gang Los Locos, LSPD detectives visited the premises. A shootout followed, with one suspect being shot and an LSPD detective in critical condition. SWAT have been called in to respond.

Los Sueños Postal Service

1135 Military Time (11:35 AM)

Valley of the Dolls

Having taken down a distribution center for an illegal child-pornography ring operating out of Los Suenos, the LSPD cyber-crime team has now located the man profiting from its sales. LSPD SWAT have been sent to his home on a warrant service.

Voll Health House

1935 Military Time (07:35 PM)


An active shooting has been reported in a community college. Time is critical, move fast.

Watt Community College

0930 Military Time (09:30 AM)

Rust Belt

Task force operation connecting BDRTAC, FISA, and SWAT to stop the exfiltration of key Los Locos targets fleeing across an ancient underground tunnel to Tijuana.

Costa Vino Border Reserve

1430 Military Time (02:30 PM)

Sins of the Father

The Left Behind have struck a nearby hotel housing the family of Senator Fremont. They are demanding that Fremont admits to his actions, lest he wishes for the blood of his family to be on his hands.

Clemente Hotel

0930 Military Time (09:30 AM)

Neon Tomb

US airstrikes have targeted villages housing a notorious terrorist group in Northern Yemen, which has ties to US cells. One such cell is known as The Hand, who have enacted a domestic response to the military incursion.

Neon Nightclub

0100 Military Time (01:00 AM)

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

With the impetus to now crack down on weapon trafficking within Los Suenos, LSPD has raided a suspected exchange point in North Hills, resulting in multiple down officers. Exercise extreme caution.

Caesar's Car Dealership

0440 Military Time (04:40 AM)

Carriers of the Vine

An officer lays dead in the path to the Cherryessa Farm. Your team is to deploy and clear the strange compound.

Cherryesa Farm

1430 Military Time (02:30 PM)


After the Club incident, remnants of "the Hand" go to rescue the lone surviving leader, now placed under police supervision in the Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU.

Coastal Grove Medical Center

1230 Military Time (12:30 PM)

Hide and Seek

Joint strike operation between LSPD, FISA and ATF on Los Suenos' major shipping port. Federal and State authorities were tipped off on large shipments of weapons moving through the area, leading to a major crackdown to capture and detain any individuals involved.

Port Hokan

0215 Military Time (02:15 AM)

If you’re playing on co-op, all of these missions will be unlocked from the beginning. However the Commander Mode, which is Ready or Not’s main campaign has you taking on these missions in chronological order. Finishing one mission unlocks more for you to take on.

In the Los Sueños Police Headquarters, go to the briefing room on the right side of the entrance and interact with the desk in front of the TV to select a mission. You’ll be able to see the time of day each mission takes place, so you can decide whether to bring certain equipment, like night vision goggles.

Missions in Ready or Not

Ready or Not doesn’t have traditional difficulty options. Each mission has its own scenario, which will give you an idea of how hard that mission is going to be. However, some details can be inaccurate, as one particular mission includes a fake prank call that may result in the deaths of innocents and another gives very few details.

Some of the Ready or Not missions also offer several entry points. You can view whatever information is available for these missions by pressing and holding TAB to bring up your tablet after you’ve selected them from the Briefing Room. Your tablet will also display the game mode and list of objectives you need to complete for that mission.

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