Ready or Not Player Limit – Multiplayer Support

Looking at the current state of the multiplayer support for Ready or Not.

ready or not multiplayer

Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter game by VOID Interactive that’s gaining quick traction after its recent release last month. It has a single-player career mode as well as multiplayer game modes that lets players take on the role of SWAT police officers as they strategize and execute their plans through various missions.

Since Ready or Not is fairly new, there are still a couple more questions that players ask, especially with regards to the multiplayer aspect of the game.

How many players can play in Ready or Not Multiplayer modes?

Ready or Not player limit supports squads of up to a maximum of five (5) players for multiplayer modes. Players can host lobbies and allow other random players to join, but given the realistic and tactical gameplay, communication within the squad is imperative and squads should be manned appropriately.

With this said, playing with friends with good comms is highly recommended.

Ready or Not Steamcharts – How many players are playing Ready or Not?

Based on data from alone, since the game’s release last December 17, 2021, Ready or Not reached an all-time peak of 19,269 players.

How is Ready or Not’s Multiplayer experience?

So far, ready or Not’s multiplayer experience is getting some good reception, though there were some recent snags when it comes to part where players are trying to squad up with their friends.

Since Ready or Not is available only for PC so far, the option to get other players to play with is limited; only through online co-op, no local co-op support yet. Add the issue that there’s a problem in inviting players to a game session. There are still some recent reports saying that players can’t invite their friends through the game nor even through Steam in some instances.

It seems that the issue affects random players, though, as it happens on both Steam-bought copies and copies bought directly from the website. No definite news yet about the issue, but we can expect that the devs have been working on a fix and it appears that it only affects a small percentage of the player base – no need to worry.

In case you do run into some problems with the invites, we saw a player-suggested workaround that you may try: when trying to squad up with friends, the host, and only the host, should boot up the game first. Then, the other players join the session via Steam to boot up the game on their end.

If you and your friends are interested in playing the game, it’s up on sale in Steam or you can get a copy of the game from their official website.

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