Remnant 2: How to Unlock Dark Pact Trait

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The Dark Pact trait is a new trait that was added to the game along with the Awakened King DLC. In fact, the only place to get it is from the new Losomn map. You won’t really get what the trait is about until you think about it a little more. It’s sort of confusing considering that traits in Remnant 2 affect the most specific parts of every character.

In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to do in order to unlock the Dark Pact Trait in Remnant 2. I’ll also tell what stat it actually affects since it is very similar to a trait that we already have from the base game.

How to Get Dark Pact Trait in Remnant 2

The Dark Pact trait is one of the more unusual traits to unlock in the game. But the process is nothing new in the Remnant series. Throughout the Forlorn Coast, you will encounter 3 bells the purpose of which you cannot begin to guess.

Actually, they are the keys to unlocking the Dark Pact trait. All you need to do is to shoot the bells as you see them. This will cause the bell to ring and a fog horn to sound in the distance as if you are sounding a horn to battle. Almost immediately, the sounds attract a small host of enemies. Defeating the summoned reinforcement will end the encounter.

Here’s how you can find all three of the bells.

The first bell is located somewhere in a place that resembles a town square. This is probably the first bell you will ever encounter in the DLC as it is the one closest to the docks. It is very close to a checkpoint near a place that’s an intersection for routes to a number of portals.

If you’re coming from a world stone, the closest one is going to be at the Drowned Wen. Once you’ve teleported to the location, head down the street until you reach the closed bridge. Take the side passage to the right and head down some stairs and you’re at the location.

Shoot at the bell to start the encounter with some Fae flyers. You know you’ve made progress if you hear the foghorn in the distance.

The second is located a little closer to the Palace of the One True King. Take the World Stone to the palace and exit through the front door. Walk back a little bit until you see the huge red baron and his accompanying pigs. Take him down before ringing the bell, if you can help it. This one’s a little easier to find but can missed if you aren’t actively searching for bells.

The third and final bell is located in the courtyard on the way to Nimue’s tower. To find the path that leads to Nimue’s tower, you can read up on how to get there from my Ritualist armor set article.

Once you’ve exited from the palace’s side door, take a right and head to the dead end there. Look up and you should be able to see the bell from a short distance away. Shoot at it to begin the final encounter.

Once you’ve killed the final set of summoned enemies, a message will pop up telling you that you’ve unlocked the Dark Pact Trait.

What does Dark Pact do for you?

The weird thing about the Dark Pact is its close relation to the Bloodstream Trait. Both are clearly connected to Grey Health. What’s more, they both concern themselves with regen rates.

But here’s the thing about Dark Pact – the trait reduces Grey Health Regen Rate by a certain percentage. It didn’t click with me the first time since all I see are negative numbers and wonder to myself, how is that helpful?

Much like the Rugged trait, Dark Pact is a cornerstone trait for a specific build namely builds that want Grey Health active at all times. The more you invest in this trait, the slower your recovery will be per tick. At level 10, you’re looking at a 90% decrease in your recovery rate.

The time it takes for your Grey Health to recover is a point of contention for some players. Some argue that it’s well balanced while others argue that it takes forever for it to start recovering. For players who to recover from Grey Health at a snail’s pace, this is the trait you’ve been looking for.

What’s the difference between Dark Pact and Bloodstream?

In simple terms, Dark Pact affects the time between recovery ticks. Bloodstream, on the other hand, determines the amount of Health you recover per second per recovery tick. At the moment, further testing is needed to see how both can used at the same time, but for now, I can only guess that they are not complementary traits.

And that’s all I’ve got for this Dark Pact guide in Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC. If you’re looking for a go-to Trait for these high-level Grey Health builds, this might be the one to fully invest in.

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