Remnant 2: How to Get Ritualist Scythe (Awakened King DLC)

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By now, players have been catching on to the fact that the new Ritualist Archetype is indeed very strong – with the right setups. But what’s most interesting about this new class is the fact that you can assemble all the pieces for a complete set in just one run in Adventure.

In this guide, I’ll tell you where and how you can find the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC. It goes very well with the dark, reaper aesthetic the archetype is going for, and more importantly, fits functionally well with the armor set and the Sparkfire Shotgun.

How to Get Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2

The Ritualist Scythe can be found in the Forgotten Commune. One of two dungeons that were added along with the Awakened King DLC. The best time to get this weapon is during your first playthrough as the entire DLC, and its contents, are set in place. If you play the Awakened King again from Adventure Mode, procedural generation takes over and you’ll be given a randomized map with the possibility of not having the Forgotten Commune.

To get the archetype weapon, you’ll first need to destroy 2 Befouled Altars somewhere in the depths of the sewers. Start by reaching the checkpoint crystal after clearing the initial sewer section. The cistern is the next stop but you’ll have to face 3 or so Fiends first before you can enter safely enter the area. This is the common area where both altars can be accessed.

The first altar is found in the next chamber after crossing the makeshift wooden platforms. You’ll instantly see the moment you go to the stairs that lead to the lower platform. The clearest sign that you are close to an altar is if you see bunches of candies emitting purple light.

Simply shoot the befouled altar to begin the encounter. A life bar will appear and you’ll have to destroy it to complete the objective. At certain thresholds, the dead Dran tied up to the altar will scream in unison, summoning a wave of Fiends into the battle location. Occasionally, a witch will show up to mess up to mess things up. Out of all of the enemies, the multiple Purple Fiends are the enemies to watch out for, along with the witch.

I suggest taking the summoned enemies out first before turning your attention to the altar. By itself, the altar will not attack, under any condition. It’s just there to summon enemies before turning dormant again. The next time the altar comes alive is when its hitpoints go down again and cross another threshold.

The good news is that you can apply status effects to it, thus activating your Archetype passive for long stretches during the fight.

Once you’ve survived 3 or more waves and destroyed the altar, you are free to pick the Scythe Blade from the wreckage of the encounter.

The second altar is located in the bottom section of the cistern you previously entered from. After destroying the first altar, keep pressing forward and keep going higher until you are walking on top of the scaffolding. At the end of the beam walks, you’ll have the choice to either go left or right.

If you continue down the path to the right, you’ll eventually end up back in the checkpoint room. To progress through the dungeon, you’ll need to take the left path and go down the sectioned descent until you enter a new chamber. The chamber has a couple of Fiends on the walls, so be careful.

Once it’s safe, you can pull the level on the side to open a shortcut back to the central cistern. The altar is located in a junction at the end of a sewer passage.

This battle is slightly different due to the fact that the arena is very small compared to the fight on the platform. There’s not much room to move here so you’ll want to have weapons that do well in close quarters.

Finish the fight as normal and you’ll unlock the quest item, the Scythe Hilt.

The Scythe Blade and Hilt don’t do anything other than take up space in your inventory. So, this is where the secret comes into play.

Inspect the Scythe Hilt and you’ll be brought to the Inspection screen. From there, rotate the hilt until you see the Interact button pop up. If you have the Scythe Blade in your possession, the pieces combine to make the Ritualist Scythe.

How Good is the Ritualist Scythe

The Scythe is a relatively fast weapon with quick slashes and good recovery. Its charge attack is a twirl attack that is capable of hitting enemies multiple times before entering the recovery stance.

Its built-in perk, Reaver, increases Melee Damage by 10% if the target is suffering from a Negative Status Effect. Unfortunately, the effect doesn’t stack so you’re stuck with the flat 10% bump no matter how many status effects the enemy is suffering from.

But there is a silver lining here. It does come with a mutator slot. And if you apply the new Misfortune Mutator, you’ll do more damage the more status effects are applied to an enemy, on top of the 10% buff in damage you receive from the built-in perk. That’s really nice.

How to get Guts Mutator in Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC?

And one more thing before I finish this article. If you return to the Forgotten Commune after first speaking to the depressed Dran woman in the lower sewers, she will now turn into the Cursed Wretch Aberration. This one is a more powerful Fiend that has a couple of nasty perks at its disposal. You don’t want to get cornered by it.

Defeating the Cursed Wretch will reward you with the Guts melee mutator. It increases melee crit chance by a certain percentage when grey health is present. Very useful in Grey Health builds with a pension for melee combat.

And that’s how you can get the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC. Kind of a long one considering the dungeon doesn’t offer anything else. But that’s generally what most sewers in Losomn are, long and light on rewards.

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