How to Escape the Ethereal Manor in Remnant 2 (Awakened King Guide)

How to escape the Ethereal Manor in Remnant 2 Awakened King Featured Image

There are a handful of new landmarks in familiar maps introduced in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC. One is them is a mysterious unmarked and unremarkable mansion in the Sunken Haunt submap. Little did we know that it hides a twisted secret that only trial and error can hope to break.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can escape the Ethereal Manor once you’ve set off the trap on the second-floor study. I’ll also tell what you’ve earn as a reward for breaking free of the nightmare.

The manor in question is an unmarked location further in the Sunken Haunt sublocation of the Awakened King DLC. As noted in the picture above, the location stands out and almost gives the impression that something might be inside.

Unfortunately, there is “someone” inside on the second floor study. A Dran and he seems to be disassociated and is trapped in his own personal hell. Interacting with him will transport the player to a new location called the Ethereal Manor.

The Ethereal Manor is a dreamscape world similar to that of the worlds we go to whenever we use the orbs we obtain from using the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. Except in this case, we were forced into this world by a Dran. And there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

A book in the lobby tells us that we should find a way out but provides little else in terms of information. We get our clue in finding a way out by picking the quest item in one of the rooms, called the ‘Strange Talisman’. (As seen in the picture above, it can found in odds places.)

By itself, the Strange Talisman is incapable of doing anything. When picked up, it will send you back into the entrance where we need to start the search all over again. The game doesn’t exactly say a change has happened nor does it tell you that you have progressed. You’ll have to go through the event by ear.

To get out of the wayward dreamscape, we need to find the talisman multiple times until the item completely transforms into another item.

The second time you pick up the Strange Talisman, it will now go by the name, ‘Bloody Talisman’. It’s a slight different-looking quest item every time you pick it up. It is quite literally slowly being consumed in a layer of blood. But at least you have a visual indicator that progress has been made. You’ll need to repeat the process three more times to complete the transformation.

So here’s the catch. There are 5 rooms where the talisman can possibly spawn in every time you repeat the loop. Two in the bottom floor and three upstairs. One of the rooms has the talisman somewhere inside, the other rooms will have ethereal versions of the Dran who trapped you here.

You get to open one door per loop. If you choose incorrectly, you have no choice but to let the Dran grab you and restart the whole thing from the beginning. What I mean by that is, if you have found the Bloody Talisman twice, and mess up on the third attempt, you’ll have to do the whole thing again with the base Bloody Talisman.

How can you tell which room has the talisman? If you look at the viewing port on top of the doors, you may be able to see the glow of the quest item inside. Otherwise, you’ll see the Dran sitting in one of the chairs.

Do note that there are times when the glow isn’t clearly visible. When that happens, note the rooms you know where the Dran is in and allow the process of elimination to do its part. You’ll just have to hope and pray that the one room the Dran is not in is the right one. Though it is possible that he is in a shadowy corner.

If done correctly, the Bloody Talisman will have transformed into the Death-Soaked Idol by the time you’ve picked it up for the fourth and final time. Additionally, picking up the new amulet will also allow you to return to the material plane to the entrance of the unmarked manor. Thus ending the strange event.

Remnant 2 Death-Soaked Idol

The Death-Soaked Idol has one of the best synergies with the new Ritualist Archetype, particularly when paired with its second active Skill, Miasma.

The Amulet effect reads:

“Increases All Damage by 5% for each entity within 20m suffering from a unique Negative Status Effect. Max 5 stacks.”

When you cast Miasma, you hit nearby enemies with a deadly quartet of status effects – Burn, Shock, Bleed, and Corroded. If other enemies are close, the effects stack up even more. It’s easy to say that this is one-two punch chews up any unlucky foes within the AOE.

And that’s how you can escape the Ethereal Manor and everything you need to know about the Death-Soaked Idol. I hope this short guide has been useful to you in some shape or form.