Remnant 2 Tommy Gun: How to Get Chicago Typewriter

Remnant 2 tommy gun location cover image

The Tommy Gun, aka the Chicago Typewriter, is one of the returning guns from the first game, making its appearance in Remnant 2. This popular gun was a favorite for many players because of how it shines in close-quarters combat, making it a perfect choice for aggressive players. Finding it can be difficult, which is why we’ve made this guide that shows you how to get the Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Tommy Gun in Remnant 2?

The Chicago Typewriter, more commonly known as the Tommy Gun, can be retrieved from an area in Ward 13 only accessible through a portal located in the Labyrinth. You’ll unlock the Labyrinth after progressing through the game’s main campaign until you’ve beaten the Keeper and retrieved the Biome Portal Key which you can use in the Labyrinth to pass through the portal.

As soon as you unlock the Labyrinth, make your way to the Fractured Engram’s checkpoint. You can fast travel there from the map. Then take a right turn and go up a pair of stairs. Then, turn around and go to the path behind you. Follow it until you reach a portal you could see by the distance. Behind that portal, just underneath there is actually another portal you can drop to which takes you to another location.

Alternatively, if you’ve already done the Labyrinth then just fast travel to Entangled Gauntlet. Then take the right stairs and enter the portal. Instead of following the path, immediately turn around and go behind the portal to the edge. Look down and you’ll see a portal below you should fall down to.

On the other side of the portal, take the stairs and go left. Enter another portal and you’ll end up in a location with a pathway to the left. Once you go through that pathway, you’ll seemingly end up in a dead end room. Here’s where you have to use the edges on the left to climb to the top which you can do by dodge rolling. At the top there is a small space you can crouch through.

Once you get to the other side, you’ll see a huge locked portal. Approach it and then use the Biome Portal Key. You’ll be teleported to Ward 13 to a location you normally wouldn’t be able to access. The Chicago Typewriter, aka Tommy Gun, is on top one of the logs. Along with the gun itself, you can also find the Leto Mark II set in this location.

The Chicago Typewriter is a long gun that is one of the secret weapons you can find in the game. Along with the Plasma Cutter, this is one of the best weapons of the game. It’s large magazine and high rate-of-fire can take down hordes in no time. There’s a reason why players love this gun in the first Remnant game.