Remnant 2 XP Farm: How to Level Up Faster

Remnant 2 xp farm cover image

Remnant 2 has multiple archetypes you can level up to get stronger, so you’ll likely be looking to farm XP quickly. Each archetype levels up individually, so you’d have to find a consistent method to bring them all up to speed if you feel like you’re underpowered. We made this guide that shows you the best way to farm XP in Remnant 2 so you can level up faster.

What’s the Best Way to XP Farm in Remnant 2?

The best way to XP Farm is by going to Yaesha and fighting enemies in a place called Chimney during Adventure Mode. There’s an event that spawns infinite hordes of enemies, including elites, that will allow you to farm XP as much as you want by defeating as many as you can. By using XP boosters like the Sagestone Ring, Mudtooth’s Elixir, and the Scholar trait, you’ll quickly level up in no time.

You can get to The Chimney by going to Yaesha. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you can reroll your campaign until you get Yaesha however this will set your campaign progress back. If you’ve already gone through Yaesha, you can reroll through Adventure Mode until you have The Chimney location.

Once you get to the Chimney, follow the path until you reach a large room where you have to pull a lever. This will start the spiral event where you’ll have to go to the lowest floor before the electricity kills you. At the bottom, is where you’ll get to kill as many enemies as you want. Instead of destroying the crystal in the middle, keep killing enemies that spawn until you farm enough XP.

Not only is this a great way to farm XP in Remnant 2 but you can also get Scrap and Simulacrum which are materials you can use to upgrade Relics and weapons in the game. With the Sagestone Ring and Mudtooth’s Elixir, you’ll be leveling up in no time. You can gain even more levels if you acquired the Scholar Trait which is only attainable after beating the final boss of the game.

Tips on How to Level Up Faster

This isn’t the only method to level up faster in Remnant 2. Completing quests is also one of them but we do have some tips on how to XP farm for your individual archetypes:

  • Equip Second Archetype: You earn XP for both of your equipped archetypes. If you’ve already unlocked dual archetypes, then you can equip a secondary archetype to level them up alongside your main one without sacrificing power.
  • Make Secondary Archetype Your Primary: Your secondary archetype only earns 50% of the XP your primary archetype does. You can switch them around so that the lower leveled archetypes earns XP much faster.
  • Get the Sagestone Ring: The Sagestone ring increases your XP gains by 10% more. You can get this by completing a puzzle located inside The Lament dungeon of Yaesha.
  • Drink Mudtooth’s Elixir: This will increase your XP gains by 15% more. You can buy it from Mudtooth in Ward 13 for 500 Scrap. It’ll last for an hour and will continue even after death.
  • Get the Scholar Trait: This trait grants bonus XP and at level 10 can go as high as 15% with the only issue being that you need to beat the final boss of the game. You most likely won’t get this until late into the game.

These are good methods to level up secret archetypes like the Alchemist and the Gunslinger as they aren’t available as one of the starting archetypes. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be farming a large amount of XP in no time flat. Especially if you farm XP by defeating infinitely spawning enemies at The Chimney in Yaesha.