Sea of Thieves – How to Bury Your Treasure and Get Treasure Maps

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Treasure

Since is release, we’ve never been able to bury our treasure in the Sea of Thieves. It was one critical aspect that many players who want to experience the pirate life felt was missing. Until now! With the coming of Season 5 of Sea of Thieves, players can now bury their treasure!

If you’ve always wanted to feel like a real pirate and bury your booty in one of the many islands you can explore in the Sea of Thieves, you can now do so. Here is how to bury your treasure in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Your Treasure

Burying your treasure is actually fairly simple. Much like any real pirate, you should first find a suitable island before making an attempt. Otherwise, enemy players can find your buried treasure rather easily.

Once you’ve found an island you want to bury your treasure in, you should be all set with a few preparations. Here is how you bury your treasure.

How to Bury Your Treasure

Burying treasure can require three things. You’ll need your trusty shovel, a treasure chest, and an island to put the treasure on. Once you’ve got all those, just head to a place where you can use your shovel.

Use Your Shovel

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Treasure
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Once you’ve found the exact place you want to bury your treasure in, drop your treasure chest in that exact spot. Now you have to utilize the secondary use of your shovel by pressing the left trigger on your Xbox controller or right click on your mouse.

You will have to continue doing this until you bury your treasure. Once the treasure is safely underground, only you know where it is. Make sure to keep it that way.

You’ll know for certain when your treasure is buried when your pirate gives it a pat with their shovel. You will also receive a notification that a map has been added to your Quest Radial.

Keep in mind that your buried treasure will leave a mark on the surface indicating where it is.

Set Traps

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Treasure

Enemy players can certainly take your treasure from you if you’ve been careless. It is called the Sea of Thieves for a reason. If you want to make sure to keep your treasure safe from any thief, you can lay down traps around the area to deter other pirates from taking what’s yours.

To set up traps, you’ll have to use the shovel once more. Except this time, we won’t be burying any of our precious loot. We’ll be burying Gunpowder Barrels! They’ll explode once a player’s shovel has hit them.

Your Treasure Stash Map

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Treasure
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After you’ve buried your treasure properly, pull up your map. This will give you an X on where you buried your treasure. Any additional treasure you buried will be marked on the Treasure Stash map.

If you want to access these maps, you have to go to your Quest Radical and select Map Bundle. This will give you the map where your treasure is hidden.

If you’re feeling like being nice to your pirate friends, you can gift them one of your treasure maps.

Taking Other Pirates’ Treasure Maps

Sea of Thieves How to Bury Treasure
Image by Rare Thief

One way to get more loot for your pirate crew is to take treasure maps from other players. One sure way to get a treasure map is by being gifted with one from a pirate with another crew.

Another way is to take their treasure map by force. In the Sea of Thieves, you need not show mercy. Sink an enemy ship and loot the treasure map from the wreckage. If you’re feeling particularly sneaky, you can hightail it to the enemy’s Voyage Table.

Pranking Other Players With Empty Buried Treasure

If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, you can bury empty Treasure Chests and then give a Treasure Stash Map to another player. You can then try to hide your giggles as you watch them sail away with a worthless Treasure Stash Map.

It isn’t exactly the nicest thing to do in Sea of Thieves but it can be particularly mischievous fun. Be careful though, you’ll never know who’s going to give you an empty treasure map.

Check out this video by Rare Thief detailing on how to bury your treasure in Sea of Thieves.

And now you know how to bury treasure! For more on Sea of Thieves, check out our other articles.

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