How to beat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers: Boss Fight Guide

Sonic Frontiers Giganto cover

Giganto is the first titan that players will have to face in Sonic Frontiers. It roams around Kronos Island, and despite its towering size, it can dish out super quick attacks.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat Giganto and share some tips and tricks to make the fight as easy as possible.

Giganto Zeroth Phase

This is the first encounter with the boss Giganto, but it is not part of the main fight. For this phase, Giganto send out huge rocks from the ground. All you need to do is to use your Homing Attack towards the rocks in order to get close to the boss. Once you’re in range, you can then unleash your attacks at the boss’ head. After a couple of hits, Sonic will be defeated and will decide to withdraw for now.

Giganto First Phase

The first phase happens once you collect almost all the Chaos Emeralds in Kronos Island excluding the one on Giganto’s head.

Before engaging the boss, it’s recommended to fill up your rings by using Cyloop until you have max rings. You’ll have enough space to do it in the arena you’ll be fighting it in. There are also coins scattered around, but it’s much faster to get them through Cyloop. The reason is that Super Sonic will use up a ring per second to stay in this form and you won’t have much opportunities to get rings once the fight starts.

Climb up one of its legs by going through the blue boost rings and continue making your way up and over its body. To make it easier to climb, try to fix your camera towards its body or towards the next set of boost rings as looking away from the body for just a bit may cause you to boost away from the boss instead. Be careful when reaching its back as the rods on it emit pulses that can push Sonic away.

Once you reach the Chaos Emerald, Sonic will then turn into Super Sonic and the fight transitions to the second phase.

Giganto Second Phase

This phase is where the real fight begins. As Super Sonic, you’ll be able to fly around the boss indefinitely and you won’t take any damage from its hits, however you will still be flying away if you get hit. The only limit to this power is the amount of rings that you are carrying at this point, so hopefully you’ve topped it up before starting the fight.

Giganto has several attacks such as:

  • Arm Swing: Giganto winds its left arm all the way around, releasing it into a powerful arm swing. This attack can be parried.
  • Slap: It swings its right arm back and slaps it forward. This attack can be parried.

Knowing the tells for these attacks are easy and important so that you can prepare to parry them. The window to parry is very forgiving and you don’t have to time it as it hits as you can just hold the buttons to do so once you see the tell. Once a parry is successful, the boss will be open to attacks.

Giganto Third Phase

Once the boss’ health is halfway down, it will protrude its rods from its back, each releasing lasers that shoot out to the sky. Although it seems intimidating, going through these lasers aren’t as hard as it looks, plus you would want to always by positioned in front of the boss at all times.

It gains new attacks that require button mashing, such as:

  • Laser Beam: It sends out a laser beam from its mouth. This isn’t hard to miss as there will always be a short cutscene whenever this attack will happen. Once hit, you’ll have to mash the button shown until the entire diamond meter is full and Super Sonic deflects the beam away.
  • Grab and Crunch: It opens its arms out side and charges at you. If not parried, it will smash you in with both arms and try to chomp down at you. You’ll have to mash the button until the diamond meter is full in order not to be squished by its teeth.

Once it health bar is out, Super Sonic will do a finisher to end the fight.

Giganto Boss Fight Tips

  • Using the Sonic Boom is one of the easiest, cheesiest, and strongest attack that you can use against this fight (and for most fights) as it allows you to spam your kicks almost indefinitely, plus it also quickly fills up your combo meter to enter Phantom Rush for a x1.2 damage multiplier.
  • If you’re having trouble doing your parries, you can hold the parry buttons as early as you see the first tell of an attack; it does not have to be at the point when the attack connects.
  • This fight is doable even without any ring upgrades, but you can opt to get some if you find the Super Sonic time limit too short.

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