Starfield Romance Options: How to Romance Companions

You have the Starfield romance options to keep you company as you explore the depths of space. It’s possible to feel a little lonely in the stars, so if you’re looking for love, there are multiple eligible bachelors and bachelorettes whose hearts are available. Here’s a guide that shows you who you can romance and how to romance them in Starfield.

Who You Can Romance in Starfield

Here are the characters you can romance in Starfield:

All Starfield romance options can be recruited as companions who’ll follow you around the galaxy. You need to have them as your active companion in order to raise your affection for them. This is done by continuously performing and selecting dialogue options that they like.

When you’ve raised your affinity with romanceable characters high enough, they’ll approach you for their personal companion quest. Finish that companion quest, and you can speak with them again to lock into a romantic relationship with that character. You can even get the option to marry them after a short while.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan

How to Romance Sarah Morgan - Starfield
  1. Complete “One Small Step” story mission.
  2. Select Sarah Morgan as your active companion.
  3. Choose inquisitive and diplomatic options.
  4. Select flirt whenever possible.
  5. Complete “In Memoriam.”
  6. Talk to her after and pick romance options.

As acting Chair of Constellation, Sarah Morgan is professional and right down to business. She was a former UC pilot but has retired to find work befitting her passion to find out more about space. Sarah is tied closely to the main story of Starfield as you deliver the mysterious artifact to her early in the game.

Sarah has a clear sense of morality and won’t like you committing unlawful acts like pickpocketing and stealing from others. She’ll warm up to those who show support for the Constellation and show a love for exploration of space as much as she does. While Sarah won’t hesitate to have your back in a fight, she will prefer more diplomatic options if possible.

How to Romance Barrett

How to Romance Barrett - Starfield
  1. Proceed with main story missions until you save his life.
  2. Select Barrett as your active companion.
  3. Choose humor and lighthearted responses.
  4. Complete “Breach of Contract.”
  5. Talk to him and select romance.

Barrett is one of the first people you’ll meet in Starfield even though he can’t be recruited as a companion until after you’ve done The Empty Nest main story mission. You’ll have to rescue him first before you can recruit him properly.

Barrett is a light-hearted jokester who’s nice enough to give you your first ship in Starfield. As a widower, Barrett is sensitive about his husband, Erwin, so be sure to show sympathy when the topic is about him. Once you’ve helped him clear his husband’s name of wrongdoing, Barrett will finally be ready to move on and start a new romance with you.

How to Romance Sam Coe

How to Romance Sam Coe - Starfield
  1. Complete “The Empty Nest” main story mission.
  2. Select Sam Coe as your active companion.
  3. Be charitable and nice to his daughter.
  4. How to Romance: Complete “Listen to Your Hart.”
  5. Talk to him after and pick romance.

Coming from a legendary lineage, Sam Coe is surprisingly humble. He’s got the skills to back you up as a former Freestar ranger and he’ll be available as a companion right after The Empty Nest main story mission. After helping him with a personal issue of his, he’ll be available to romance.

Sam has a strong sense of justice and sympathy who’ll appreciate your more charitable works. He also has a daughter staying with him at The Lodge. Being nice to her will earn you Sam’s trust as he wouldn’t want anyone who’s mean to his little girl to be around him.

How to Romance Andreja

How to Romance Andreja - Starfield
  1. Complete “Into the Unknown” main story mission.
  2. Select Andreja as you active companion.
  3. Pick aggressive and sarcastic options.
  4. How to Romance: Complete “Divided Loyalties.”
  5. Talk to her and select romance.

Unlike the other romance options, Andreja doesn’t shy away from more unlawful acts due to her rough lifestyle. So she’s the one you’ll want to bring for the dirty jobs. She still won’t like you hurting innocent people for no reason but Andreja will like you more if you don’t shy away from challenging others.

Andreja may be rough around the edges but she is desperately looking for a place to belong in the galaxy. Prove to her that you’re the one she can trust and she’ll be more open with you.

How Romance Works in Starfield

Romance in Starfield works by first raising your friendship with your companion until they talk to you about a personal issue of theirs. This unlocks their companion quest, which, upon completion, unlocks the option to romance them.

Romancing companions is pretty straightforward in Starfield. Just take them with you and perform actions they like until they talk to you about a quest. Then, after completing that companion quest, you can talk to them again to romance them.

You do have opportunities to flirt with them before completing their personal companion quest. However, you won’t be locked into a romance with them until you’re done with it. Once you’re in a romantic relationship with them, they will not appreciate you flirting with the other Starfield romance options.

Because of how romance works in Starfield, you can only romance companions. None of the other NPCs outside of who you can bring with you are romanceable.

How to Get Married in Starfield

You first have to romance a character in order to get married in Starfield. After a while, you can approach them and select Commitment, where you’ll be given a quest to attend your own wedding ceremony to tie the knot. After the wedding, you’re officially married to the character of your choice.

Marriage isn’t permanent in Starfield. You can choose to divorce your spouse by talking to them about how you’re not longer happy in your marriage. Divorcing will cause them to leave you as a companion as they need time to themselves to think.