The Callisto Protocol Characters and Cast

Get to know the crew of The Callisto Protocol.

You may be wondering who The Callisto Protocol characters are. Due to being a survival-horror game, the odds of meeting someone still alive enough to get to know are relatively low. Despite this, a lot of the tension still lies on the performance of The Callisto Protocol characters and cast.

On this article, we’ll talk about who The Callisto Protocol characters are. Here are The Callisto Protocol characters and their voice actors:

Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee

  • Voiced by: Josh Duhamel

Jacob Lee is the protagonist of The Callisto Protocol who finds himself imprisoned in the Black Iron prison colony of Jupiter’s moon after transporting strange cargo. He finds himself in danger when the biophage breaks out in the prison.

Dani Nakamura

Dani Nakamura

  • Voiced by: Karen Fukuhara

Dani Nakamura is a guerilla fighter part of The Outer Way a group dedicated to opposing the United Jupiter Company. She is the one who attacks Jacob’s ship in the beginning of the game causing him to crash on the surface of Callisto.

Max Barrow The Callisto Protocol Characters and Cast

Max Barrow

  • Voiced by: Jeff Schine

Max Barrow is Jacob’s co-pilot and a close friend. He warns Jacob of taking dangerous jobs for the UJC and finds himself in the right when their ship crash lands on the icy surface of Callisto.

Leon Ferris

Leon Ferris

  • Voiced by: Sam Witwer

Captain Leon Ferris is the second-in-command to the Warden of Black Iron prison. He’s rather sadistic and seems to take joy in inflicting punishment to inmates unfortunate enough to catch his attention.

Ellas Porter

Elias Porter

  • Voiced by: Zeke Alton

Elias Porter is a helpful inmate who crosses paths with Jacob early in the game. He winds up being the one to give Jacob his first firearm and teaches him how to upgrade it.

Caitlyn Mahler The Callisto Protocol Characters and Cast

Caitlyn Mahler

  • Voiced by: Louise Barnes

Dr. Caitlyn Mahler is part of the medical staff in Black Iron prison. She’s the one who gives Jacob his CORE and has to revive him when he flatlines.

Duncan Cole The Callisto Protocol Characters and Cast

Duncan Cole

  • Voiced by: James C. Mathis III

Warden Duncan Cole is the head person in charge of Black Iron prison in Callisto. He’s a mysterious figure who is dealing in some shady business in the prison’s less than humane treatment of its inmates.

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