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How to secure your future in The Quarry.

The Quarry Evidence Locations Featured

The Quarry Evidence can absolve your characters of being criminally charged. That’s why if you want the best ending, you need to find them all. On this spoiler free The Quarry Evidence locations guide, we’ll show you where to find each one.

There is one Evidence in each of the 10 chapters of The Quarry. There are 10 Evidences in total:

  • Empty Vial: Chapter 1, Summer Camp
  • Torn Bags: Chapter 2, Store Room
  • Bloated Corpse: Chapter 3, Lake Septimus
  • Attack Photo: Chapter 4, Tree House
  • Claw Marks: Chapter 5, Camp Cabins
  • Memory Card: Chapter 6, Hackett Woods
  • Cease & Desist Letter: Chapter 7, Sheriff’s Office
  • Scarred Flesh: Chapter 8, Quarry Mines
  • Kaylee’s Letter: Chapter 9, Hackett House
  • Trail Cam Footage: Chapter 10, Lodge Camp Attic

Some of The Quarry Evidence are easy to find. Others are hidden well. They can take some exploration so be sure to look around each of The Quarry’s chapters whenever you have a chance.

We wrote how to find each of The Quarry Evidence above. Keep reading our guide for more detailed information.

Chapter 1 Evidence – Empty Vial

Empty Vial Evidence Location: The Empty Vial can be found in Chapter One inside the big tree that’s in the center of the cabins. When taking control of Abigail, go to the big tree with the swing in the center and interact with the writing carved into the wood.

Chapter 2 Evidence – Torn Bags

Torn Bags Evidence Location: The Torn Bags can be found in Chapter Two inside the cold storage room Emma and Jacob break into. This evidence can be found next to the shotgun on the floor.

Chapter 3 Evidence – Bloated Corpse

Bloated Corpse Evidence Location: The Bloated Corpse can be found in Chapter Three underneath Lake Septimus. As Jacob, choose to “Dive In” instead of “Save Abi” and then choose to get the trinket floating underneath instead of surfacing. You’ll find this evidence then.

Chapter 4 Evidence – Attack Photo

Attack Photo Evidence Location: The Attack Photo can be found in Chapter Four on top of the treehouse in the island. As Emma, choose to stun the monster with the taser and then a prompt will appear to take a photo.

Chapter 5 Evidence – Claw Marks

Claw Marks Evidence Location: The Claw Marks can be found in Chapter Five on the walls outside of the Radio Hut. Choose not to go in with Ryan just yet, instead look to the left of the Radio Hut entrance and you’ll find the Claw Marks.

Chapter 6 Evidence – Memory Card

Memory Card Evidence Location: The Memory Card can be found in Chapter Six inside an old broken camera. When going to the Island as Jacob who is looking for Emma, you’ll have to climb a wooden platform that has a small forked path that leads to the lake. Explore the longer path instead and you’ll find the broken camera you can interact with to get the Memory Card Evidence.

Chapter 7 Evidence – Cease & Desist Letter

Cease & Desist Letter Evidence Location: The Cease & Desist Letter Evidence can be found in Chapter 7 on the second floor of the Sheriff’s office. When playing as Laura, explore the rooms on the second floor to find the Cease & Desist Letter.

Chapter 8 Evidence – Scarred Flesh

Scarred Flesh Evidence Location: The Scarred Flesh can be found in Chapter Eight deep in the Quarry Mines. When playing as Laura exploring the old cave, you’ll find it above the old rusted metal platforms before you enter the tight hole that warns you of a Cave In.

Chapter 9 Evidence – Kaylee’s Letter

Kaylee’s Letter Evidence Location: Kaylee’s Letter can be found in Chapter Nine inside the Hackett House. After Laura flees, Ryan is left alone in a room to explore after coming out of hiding. Kaylee’s letter can be found on the nightstand near the bed.

Chapter 10 Evidence – Trail Camp Footage

Trail Camp Footage Evidence Location: The Trail Camp Footage can be found in Chapter Ten on the attic of Hackett Camp Lodge. When playing as Laura, go to the second floor of the lodge. Do not prompt to continue the story yet after looking at the oil painting above the fireplace. Instead go to the opposite side where the campers make paint and there is a classroom nearby. Climb the staircase and look to the left. The Trail Camp Footage is inside the brown box front of the blue containers.

What Happens If You Collect All Evidence In The Quarry?

You absolve the counsellors of Hackett’s Quarry from being charged with murder. In the end of the game, a podcast will detail what happens to the counsellors and other characters of The Quarry. You will still see the counsellors are charged with murder, but this will change once the podcast discusses the Evidence you found.

If you miss even one of The Quarry Evidence listed above, the counsellors might be arrested for the horrific events. Though this may depend on whether you actually killed any of the hostile pursuers chasing after your protagonists.

Here are the trophies you unlock from collecting Evidence in The Quarry:

  • The Truth Is Out There: Collected the first piece of evidence
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Collected all evidence

Read our The Quarry Trophy List for all the trophies in the game.

The Quarry Evidence Locations

That’s our The Quarry Evidence Locations guide. We hope our article helped you reach the best ending possible for The Quarry. You should stick around some more because we have more The Quarry content for you to check out.

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